Fight the Good Fight

After suffering from political activist burn out a couple of times in the past, I thought that was what was happening to me this last month, but now I think I’m Burnt out. I’m done. Yeah, I’ve said that before but this time I feel like things have shifted so far, not just with the opposition but also with my desire to fight it, that I’m really done. I’ve come to believe that nothing I do can/will change anything on the big stage. I’ve lost hope, what little hope there was. I have given up on fighting everyone else’s fight for them. I’m going to focus on nothing more than living what freedom I can. Luckily I live in a comparatively very free place and my lifestyle here only increases that freedom. I shared here not that long ago that I had decided to go to Burning Man this year (finally.) The reason I’m going is to try to rediscover the hope that I once felt for humanity. I’ve become such a pessimist, that I can’t even remember what optimism is. Who knows maybe I’ll experience one of those re-births you always hear about at B.M. But, I’m not holding my breath and neither should the readers who come here for my political agitation posts. Good luck on the fight to you guys still in the trenches. For me I’m going to do like a friend of mine says and, have fun be free.

One neat aspect of the preparation for B.M. is that I’m looking into new areas of self-sufficiency. A full week of self-reliance on the Playa, which I want to accomplish without a generator (two years of no power except a genny, really makes a person hate those things,) has led me to building a 12V wind turbine (to charge the Airstream batteries,) I’m almost finished and have spent less than $10. I’ll share the whole story here in a little while.

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