A Time of Transition

Yesterday I had planned on replacing a fuel line on my big plow truck and an actuation cable on my small plow truck, but a friend stopped by with his kids riding their 4-wheelers

He talked me into putting off my maintenance chores and go riding with them. To be honest it wasn’t that hard for him to do.

We rode for several hours and were nearing a small community (less than 100 people, our whole county has a population of 3000) when a wheel flew off one of the kids ATVs.

Using our rural “do it yourself” traits which typify people here we removed the other wheel and set the wheel-less end of the incapacitated ATV on the cargo rack of one of the other ATVs and started heading back.

On the way back I ran across a patch of wild Shaggy Mane mushrooms and picked a bunch. After arriving home I realized I didn’t have any beef streak and decided to go to town to purchase some and give away the extra mushrooms I wouldn’t be using.

At my first stop I was informed that my friends there don’t like any type of mushrooms, and people keep giving them to them. I left with my original bag of Shaggy Manes and three more bags of Morels which they didn’t want. Not wanting to risk quadrupling my mushrooms again I picked a friend who I knew liked wild mushrooms and sneaked the bag of Manes onto his porch and went home. I wrapped up the day by cooking a white wine, butter, baby (homegrown) shallot and wild mushroom sauce for my steak.

Now that The Gulch Home is nearing completion I figured I’d pick up some part-time work to help keep me busy this winter. I had heard the local mill was looking to start running on weekends so I stopped by. It’s kind of funny how being in that chair hasn’t changed. I totally forgot I didn’t really need the work, that I had my own business at one time, and that I wasn’t a teenage kid anymore. Sweaty palm and the whole works. Like an old friend of mine use to say: “It’s all chemical.”

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Look What Santa Brought

One of these guys will lead a charmed life as our new billy, the other will be less fortunate and will go in the freezer. The short list of names is Feed and Seed or Heir and Spare.

Also in current news we hosted a combined New Years and Last Log party.I invited everyone up the mountain that helped me build the house, everyone but three people made it. The Boy and I could have hung this log on the railing last week but figured everyone earned a chance to help.


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Spring Finally?

Spring might have finally sprung here in the high Rockies.

Because of poor planning and an early storm last fall I didn’t get my plow mounted on the truck. I wasn’t too concerned seeing as how we would be spending the winter in town. I figured based on the prior two years snowfall, access wouldn’t be a big concern this spring when I was ready to start construction again. Wrong, we finally had a “good” winter and we had snow 8 days out of the last 10.

There is still 3+ feet of snow in some places in The Gulch. Over the past month myself and some of the guys have been trying to break trail up the hill. During this process the ol’ Willy’s of mine, and T’s old Ford both lost a brake line from a broken chain link, and D’s K5 had the tranny go out.

Saturday night the guys and I made another run up with a 3/4 Chev, a chained up 3/4 Ford, a Griz four wheeler, a snowmobile, three 18 packs of beer, a bottle of jack, elk steaks, potatoes, a couple of gallons of water, 5 firearms, sleeping bags, and all the other items necessary for a guy adventure of this scale. We finally made it all the way, busting through 2.5 feet of snow in places. Right in time, the last two days have been BEAUTIFUL. I got up there yesterday and shoveled off 1/3 of the pad, if the weather today stays like it is now, the pad should be fully melted today or tomorrow, and I can start building again.

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