I will never be able to watch the Spiderman movies again.

I’m not ready to delve into the recent emotional changes in my life publicly yet so; here is a quick and dirty (in so many ways) for you guys. Yesterday, I watched a film that a friend highly recommended to me. The movie is a twisted and dark yet humorous tale about love called Secretary. The main character is a young self-hating woman who finds a way to channel her non-typical emotional needs into more healthy behavior. The actress who played this part was Maggie Gyllenhall, the girlfriend of Spiderman in those movies. James Spader played the egomaniacal Dom, and played it scarily well.

This is not a movie I’d watch with my parents or with my children (unless they were older.) The film took what I felt was a very impartial, and in depth look at D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationships. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been curious about unconventional relationships and I’d like to thank H. for recommending this flick to me.

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