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A Woman Scorned

They are definitely pack animals, that shouldn’t be taunted.

A wannabe Don Juan was tempted to a motel in Wisconsin by the prospect of a tryst with one of his numerous lovers. But instead of a night of passion, according to court documents, he found himself confronted by four angry women – among them his wife and another girlfriend – and on the receiving end of a revenge attack grisly enough to make any philanderer think again.

Prosecutors are investigating the convoluted incident that ended with the man tied to a bed with his penis superglued to his stomach, an apparent punishment for his womanising ways. The ambush was said to have been set up by the man’s wife after she found out he had cheated on her with a number of other women.


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This is John Galt

I was pleasantly surprised to read that Atlas Shrugged is now one of the “Must Read” books in the nation, even Congresscritters are recommending reading it. My second Blog entry was entitled “Why I Shrugged” because well…………I did. The time I wrote of in that entry that inspired me to Shrug was 1998. It took me seven years to realize my plan but in 2005 we officially Shrugged. Boy, things have changed since the days of the lake front home, with 3 boats on our private dock, all the pocket money etc.. are gone but things are simpler now. “Starving the beast” has actually become a lifestyle and a reason for many things including my quitting smoking, and restarting my home brewing. It seems as though the masses are way behind as usual but it’s nice to see them getting their shit together so to say. Myself and several others who have been able to see several years ahead are now looking at “end game strategies”. I recently read something (I can’t remember where) about how nobody saw the fall of the USSR until just days before it happened. Mind you I lived through this time in history but I was more genitally oriented than politically, so I did some research about that time and place today. There are some scary parallels. Just as oil played a major part in the end of the USSR I see it being the final straw here also. Several years ago there was talk of a “Golden Dinar”; a gold backed currency from Saudi Arabia. If this is instituted it would end the era of every country needing to purchase oil in dollars and the need for foreign countries to hold them for this purpose. The US government stopped reporting the M3 several years ago but I guarantee you there are a bunch of near-worthless FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) that have been held for that purpose only. They will be coming home and will start us down The Zimbabwe Express………….enough rambling for today……………..

Obama is a lying sack of shit.

That fucking cunt fart is not the next Reagan, FDR, Carter, or Christ you dumb son-a-bitches. Yea, It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, and it really isn’t to me. He is a politician you moronic imbeciles, that’s what they do; lie. I’d race back to the store and return any of these if you impulse bought them.


Here is a quote from not that long ago:

HELENA – Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama “isn’t going to take your guns,” Montana Sen. Jon Tester told reporters Thursday in a call from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Here is the quote I read today:

The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=6960824&page=1

I posted the text of this crap a couple of months ago and this time around they intend to include the transfer and possession…….in other words… they have every intention of coming and taking them.

I like this part for the same Tester interview also:
….he’s a guy[Obama] “who likes my guns, to be honest with you,” and said Obama looked him “straight in the eye” and said the Second Amendment will be safe under an Obama presidency.

I’m going with the case law………..and common sense that says any laws contrary to The Supreme Law of the Land and null and void. I’ll give those bastards the gun only when I have no bullets left……if then.

It’s funny how all governments that have plans to crush and kind of dissent have always disarmed the citizens…………how our economy is turning fascist (it’s called socialist by most except, there is still an illusion of property rights) and is crashing at the same exponential rate as their fucked up gun laws.

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What if the rest of the world is really filled with fucking idiots? I’d be the last to know since I’ve always had the biggest ego since jesus. I’ve always thought this was a possibility, but thought it was just my perspective. Lately I’ve been hearing stories from the inner city from friends of friends. (Thanks Bucky) Most of the people I associate with killed their T.V. long ago knowing it’s nothing but a mental leech. T.V. really took the place of the Church years ago. People who choose to look away, or blatantly refuse to accept the harsher facts have always looked for an out…………I’m too tired to continue with this right now…….but as a consolation prize I will pull this from the vault. For those that made wise-cracks about being powered by ethanol here is what happens when I feed it though the super-charger.


Few people know I went to military school. Even less, less than I can count on my fingers know I was destined for West Point and MI. That was until me and those “superior” to me discovered I had issues with authority.
I was the only one who in the history of my academy rebelled by doing my 50 pull-ups prior to my then leisurely smoke instead of sneaking and worrying about being caught. They had no set guidelines for “hey Sarg. I’m going for a smoke do you want the 50 now or when someone catches me.” Their alternative methods like Midnight P.T. didn’t hold a candle to my childhood, but that is a tangent I don’t wish to take at this time. They were at a complete loss; luckily it wasn’t destined for them to have to solve this conundrum. I would be gone before the end of the next semester which included my Eighteenth birthday and they knew that as well as I did.
Out of the many paths I could go from these first paragraphs it won’t be what a reader expects. But, I needed to put some history before what I’m about to say. Unlike Simon on Firefly I have no impressive statics to parrot. I will say I consider myself an expert on strategy. There is a Chess Master who I use to play (and occasionally beat) who would agree, and then there are the government testers whom I never put any stock in.
Like Paul Atraties I could see well into the future, and like him I’ve lost my sight. I don’t know what lies more than three or four months out. This scares the shit out of me. I feel like one of those people who has been placed in a sensory depuration chamber. Maybe I can’t accept the horrors and part of me is screaming about will come to be, and I’m foolishly rejecting it. Like Paul I’d risk my life to see again.
The worst part is my lovely wife whom I could always count on for a brainstorm secession that would lead to enlightenment seems enable to prompt the answers. My good friend who has even less formal education than me, but who at least equals me in common sense and was always helpful is almost 1000 miles away. I yearn for a chance to be surrounded by those who can fathom where we are going. I’m tired, too tired to continue to take the lead.

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