I’m Back

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done anything here. But that will be changing, this blog actually worked as part of my platform to get me a writing contract. …I guess I should take back those things I said about BWH too. Don’t hold your breath on much agitating, but I will be posting about the homestead progress as time allows. This summer I NEED to get the attached greenhouse done, in addition to the third and fourth floor (~300 ft2) and relocate the solar panels. If I can manage it I’d also like to get the fifth floor catwalk and eighth floor crows nest done also. right now I’m still trying to get the garden in, but it’s so damn wet and cold it’s a constant fight.

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For over ten years I have subscribed to a certain self-sufficiency magazine. This magazine helped me through my first, sometimes awkward, homesteading adventures. The publication had a distinctly Libertarian slant and was also there for me when Republicanism lost its sheen and I became a Libertarian activist. A couple of years ago the founder retired and passed control of the periodical over to his daughter. I was a little apprehensive of the magazine’s future knowing that the daughter was a supporter of a tax-funded standing army, and possibly even this country’s neo-imperialism, but I continued to subscribe. Unfortunately the articles lost their edginess, where before there were well written pieces about this country’s slide into totalitarianism, now there were pieces about how to wire lights.

Over the last few years I have written and submitted several pieces to this company via email, and never heard back. This didn’t bother me; it’s all part of being a writer. About six months ago, after I decided to get serious about this writing stuff, I wrote two market specific pieces. Market specific meaning I chose two periodicals and wrote what I thought they’d like to receive as submissions. I also took my submission process up several notches; I wrote cover letters for both pieces, submitted via snail-mail and included SASEs. The purpose of the SASE is to have the work returned, generally with a form rejection letter. About a month after sending these off, I received the first of the SASE back (from a mineralogy publication,) and was pleased to find a contract and request for photographs and captions. I still haven’t received even a form rejection letter back from the self-sufficiency magazine, but what I have received is a request to renew my subscription for what would be the twelfth year now. I’ll consider sending that in the day they have the common decency to use the means I provided to at least return my work.

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A Lil’ Late

…but as promised, here’s a piece that wasn’t sold:

And She Danced
By John Galt

The fire roared
The drink flowed
And she danced

The moon shone
The water rippled
And she danced

Night birds called
Shooting stars fell
And she danced

A beautiful smile
Honest and happy
And she danced

A hidden laugh
Gentle and shy
And she danced

My hand taken
Pulling me close
And we danced

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Breaking the Ice (Mature Content)

Sara drove up here yesterday. She really does have the most beautiful eyes; mischievous but with vulnerability peeking out from the depths. She called me when she got into town and we went for a drive. We were driving sort of at random but ended up out on Buck Creek. We moseyed north taking our time, drinking beer lazily. I was hoping to find a trail we could hike on up by the lake but none had had enough traffic to pack the snow, so I headed back towards town. She had taken me up on my offer to drive, and I was taking my sweet time enjoying the bright clear winter afternoon, and her company. (more…)

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Now it’s Your Turn

OK, all you people who have been offended here lately; it’s time to stand up and be counted. To those of you who have been responsible for the steep rise in this blog’s subscriptions, I’d also like to hear from you; most specifically about why you chose to subscribe.

A couple of my writer friends have come right out and told me I shouldn’t waste my time writing anything except erotica. This isn’t as bad as it sounds and was meant more as a compliment to my erotica writing skills. I know what you are thinking. Sure there is A LOT of bad erotica out there, but there is also some good stuff, Anne Rice’s D/s series comes to mind. Unfortunately most erotica writers are very poorly compensated for their writing. This however is most probably linked to the amount of truly awful erotica passed off as writing.

Nowadays a good platform has become a necessity for all writers, but an erotica writer needs a really strong platform in order to have any chance to financially succeed. The days of dropping your manuscript off at a publishers and waiting for a big fat check are over. For those who don’t know, a platform is how an author sells themselves to the public: e.g. book signings, blogs, websites, etc.

So this is where I need my readers input. I tried to keep my more…unique writing pieces separate from this blog, because some readers here are family members, and I was afraid to offend them, (luckily I have a great circle of writer friends who provided me support with these pieces.) Now that I’m not too concerned about how people choose to offend themselves, and I need the exposure this blog can provide for my writing, I’m considering integrating my more risqué pieces in with my more traditional posts here. This blog will never be all erotica, I’m talking about adding just a lil’ bit of spice.

What say you? Why do you come here? What do you like, and dislike?

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Opening a New Book

Literally. My little notebook is full. My daughter purchased me another for my birthday, so I’m retiring my constant companion for the last year. A lot of people have asked why I carry this notebook. The answer is quite simple: so I don’t forget. The next question is always “what.” I’ve never been able to explain that to my satisfaction but maybe you can. I present to you The Best of Notebook 2010. If you can classify this amalgamation of madness, let me know. But even if it makes no sense to you I hope you enjoy reading it. I know I sure had fun looking back.












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A Bone for Ya

I’m so sick of marketing my writing, so this piece I’m just going to put up here. I hope you enjoy it.

Crazy like Everyone


Which are you?
No use denying it
We are all at least one of these
Some just hide it better than others

I hide nothing
And that scares you
But it’s not me you are scared of
It’s the piece of you that you see in me

It’s always within you
And I want you to know that I know
But your secret is safe with me
I’m crazy like everyone else

The kid bagging your groceries on Lithium
The housewife behind you popping Valium
The girl in the cart hopped up on Ritalin
The checker’s breakfast was Captain Morgan

Everyone trying to find a way to keep the color inside the lines
Drugs outlining the shape of the cookie cutter we call society

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I’m sorry new material is so long in coming. I’ve got my fall writing bug, and all my efforts are going into material for publication. The up side is that after a month or so that material if it’s not bought will be here.

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Not My Most Favorite Author….But

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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I’m Not a Terrorist

I had just finished throwing a pitchfork full of hay in the goat’s manger when I heard the helicopter. My family and I live in such a sparsely populated area that this isn’t a common occurrence. Most worrisome was the fact that it was towing something that looked like a giant torpedo. I caught myself thinking: well they’ve finally come for me. My reaction got me thinking about how a person such as me could end up thinking about the possibility of being murdered by someone in a helicopter.

Less than ten years ago I was a typical American. I was a partner in a small business, was in debt up to my ears, had our children enrolled in public school, happily paid my taxes and voted every four years. Then things started changing. The elementary school my daughter attended told my wife and me that we would have to force our daughter take speed. They called it Ritalin but on the street this same drug is sold as speed. We agreed, but just a few months later my daughter asked me if she could stop. She was crying and said it made her “not feel right”. I did what would any other parent would have done. I called the school and told them I wasn’t going to continue forcing her to take the drug. They told me if I didn’t she couldn’t attend anymore. The only solution we could afford was to home-school her.

I had read Atlas Shrugged about a year before we started homeschooling and was so moved by Ayn Rand’s book I declared myself a Libertarian. I would eventually become our county’s Libertarian Party Contact, and would wage many battles against the local government. During this time I started looking into aspects of our Constitution that weren’t covered in my High School civics class. I had several of my Letters to the Editor published in the local paper. In these letters I argued against the constitutionality of the proposed county Growth Policy, and other legislative acts. Because of our efforts we were able to get the growth plan severely scaled back. We fell short of a complete victory because it was still instigated in its less egregious form.

Our business was still fairly young but it did provide us with full time employment even if the pay was less than spectacular. Then the business won a bid to provide services to a global company. This company expected sixty hours per week of work in a neighboring state. I was the only employee available for this work. For several months I worked those sixty hours. My weeks were averaging more than eighty hours with the commute. I was thrilled about this much work. The hourly billing rate was the highest I had ever billed out and I knew I was soon going to be living the American Dream. This dream came crashing down upon my shoulders the day our CPA explained the IRS needed all the money we had saved in the business account and it still wasn’t enough to cover what we owed. We had to take out a sizable loan to cover the rest.
The one-two punch of losing most of our property rights to the Growth Policy and losing most of the fruits of my labors to the IRS inspired me to go ahead with a plan I considered after finishing Atlas Shrugged. We Shrugged. Now days what we did is called “Going Galt” however this same thing has been happening ever since Rand wrote the book and was historically called “Shrugging” or “Gulching”. The phrase Shrugging comes from an analogy to the mythical Atlas realizing that he is shouldering the weight of the world and rejecting this burden. Like Atlas more of my labor was stolen via taxes just because I was more capable. The difference in my earnings between working eighty hour weeks barely exceeded what I earned working forty hour weeks. I was converted from an entrepreneur who believed in the American dream to a slave with the IRS as my master. Like all slaves I decided I wouldn’t work any harder than I was force to.

My wife and I gave up our interests in the business. We sold our home at the peak of the real estate market and took those profits with us as we hit the road seeking a new way of life. After several months of traveling the Rockies in our vintage Airstream we found a small mountain town in Montana. The town had the feel of freedom. There wasn’t a single stop light or parking meter. The bars provided people “to go” cups. A woman in town had a pet cow. There were no city cops or even a dog catcher. We purchased two mining claims above this little town. I built an off-grid log home. We planted a garden and purchased livestock.

We now live comfortably near the poverty line because we are debt free and mostly self-sufficient. We hope the government shrinks back to a reasonable level or disappears all together but even if it doesn’t we’ve made our own freedom. We no longer support an entity whose only purpose has morphed into nothing more than a vehicle to enslave citizens. Because of this I fear the government has classified me as a terrorist. I guess from their point of view I might just be; I do hope my actions inspire others to follow my example and I can see how losing tax revenues from the most productive section of the population could terrify them. However, even if I home school my children, can quote the constitution and avoid paying taxes I’m not a terrorist. A few weeks after seeing the helicopter I discovered that it was just a magnetic survey of all the mining claims around ours but I still worry about what the slave masters might someday do because I refuse to live as an indentured servant.

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