Not so vintage goodness, well maybe. Looking back it reminds me of my “duck and cover” childhood.


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Fall chores done

Firstly, here is a piece of vintage goodness with thanks to Wolfie for finding it.

Women – Know Your Limits


We finished cutting next years firewood last week, and I killed this big cow elk yesterday.

This is my first Montana elk. After all those years of killing one nearly every year where we use to live, these up here have been more elusive. The really funny thing is this was by far the easiest animal out of the 20+ I’ve ever killed. I stepped out of the truck to shoot it, and it died in the center of the road one switch-back above us. It was also the farthest shot (200+ yards) I’ve ever made at an animal. Much thanks to T for knowing exactly where they were this year.

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Toking With Lawrence Welk

Some really funny Vintage Goodness

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New catagory

Vintage goodness.

One of the places I go has all kinds of good old stuff that I’m going to start sharing.


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