Cheese Making Equipment

OK, so I posted about the press I made a few days ago, it’s working great. Here are a few pictures of it for anyone who missed the other post:



The observant reader will have noticed the difference between those two pictures. My original mold, a Gatorade container within a popcorn container worked really well until I tried to remove the cheese. I still don’t know where a razor blade ended up…not a good thing to lose. So I redesigned the mold. A lot of cheese supply companies sell three piece molds, but some of these cost upwards of a hundred dollars. Here is how I solved the stuck cheese problem for less than ten bucks:

Important update: Don’t boil to sterilize!




I think the photos are pretty self explanatory but I’ll break it down anyways.

The parts list (make sure all PVC is food grade):

1-PVC cap (I used 4″ because my follower is 4″)

1-length of PVC pipe

1-PVC coupler

Cut you pipe in half lengthwise (use a thin saw blade, I used a metal cutting blade in my Sawzall,) remove the burrs with a pocket or kitchen knife. Cut your coupler in half crosswise, if you get it cut exactly you won’t have to remove the pipe stop in the middle. If some of the pipe stop remains remove it with a knife. Drill holes in the cap to allow whey drainage (drainage will also occur where the two halves of the pipe meet.)

That’s it, happy cheese making guys.

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