A Quicky

This has a been a really busy summer for me, and I’m really behind, but here’s a quick update for y’all.

After the longest winter in a long time, I finally got my garden expanded and planted. This year, if the weather holds, the garden will produce a full years worth of onions, garlic, and potatoes. My beets are doing really good, but I lost almost all of the rest of the crops to the cold, wet spring. I got a good start on my greenhouse foundation and then my luck turned and every vehicle I own and my four-wheeler broke down. I’ve spent the last two weeks just turning wrenches, until yesterday. Yesterday I got back on the greenhouse project and now have almost 30% of my masonry work done. Today I just got my copy of my first piece of writing to be published: “Little Hammer”, a narrative nonfiction piece. My Backwoods home piece “It Happens to Everyone” will be out in a month or so. I co-wrote an erotic novella with a well published (and great) gal from England, and it’s currently at our first choice publisher.

I’m almost done going through The Airstream getting it ready for our trip to Burning Man. I found an older Duramax Diesel truck in Colorado and Shelley’s bring it up (and pulling a car behind it) when she picks up the kids in a few weeks. She’s going to stay in The Gulch while I’m at )'(

I’ve discovered the joys of polyamory and have been having a great time with several women. The kids are doing great, but I still can’t believe The Boy will turn eighteen this winter.

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A Time of Transition

Yesterday I had planned on replacing a fuel line on my big plow truck and an actuation cable on my small plow truck, but a friend stopped by with his kids riding their 4-wheelers

He talked me into putting off my maintenance chores and go riding with them. To be honest it wasn’t that hard for him to do.

We rode for several hours and were nearing a small community (less than 100 people, our whole county has a population of 3000) when a wheel flew off one of the kids ATVs.

Using our rural “do it yourself” traits which typify people here we removed the other wheel and set the wheel-less end of the incapacitated ATV on the cargo rack of one of the other ATVs and started heading back.

On the way back I ran across a patch of wild Shaggy Mane mushrooms and picked a bunch. After arriving home I realized I didn’t have any beef streak and decided to go to town to purchase some and give away the extra mushrooms I wouldn’t be using.

At my first stop I was informed that my friends there don’t like any type of mushrooms, and people keep giving them to them. I left with my original bag of Shaggy Manes and three more bags of Morels which they didn’t want. Not wanting to risk quadrupling my mushrooms again I picked a friend who I knew liked wild mushrooms and sneaked the bag of Manes onto his porch and went home. I wrapped up the day by cooking a white wine, butter, baby (homegrown) shallot and wild mushroom sauce for my steak.

Now that The Gulch Home is nearing completion I figured I’d pick up some part-time work to help keep me busy this winter. I had heard the local mill was looking to start running on weekends so I stopped by. It’s kind of funny how being in that chair hasn’t changed. I totally forgot I didn’t really need the work, that I had my own business at one time, and that I wasn’t a teenage kid anymore. Sweaty palm and the whole works. Like an old friend of mine use to say: “It’s all chemical.”

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One Week of Sobriety

Life is more boring sober is about the only difference I’ve noticed this time. All the people that I use to hangout with in the bar always had the better stories, adventures, problems. One more week and I can cash in the pile of drink chips I’ve accumulated.

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Two Weeks Vacation

Every now and then I take a break from drinking, this time I’ll be spending two weeks on the wagon, today is the fourth day, I haven’t really craved a beer except when Mike, Kel and I went to the bar.

In other news the chickens have started laying again finally, and I’ve been making egg noodles with the extra eggs. I’m also doing the research for growing our own mushrooms in the root cellar.

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Where the Mind Goes

……..the emotions follow. At least, I would guess for INTJs like myself. I can’t remember the exact point when I stopped being a libertarian and became an anarchist. I do remember when I quit being a (big L) Libertarian and became a libertarian, it was when the party endorsed a state level politician (and I forget the ass-wipe’s name) who had a bad gun rights record. But, as for the time between that and now there are no mile markers I can readily pick out. During this time my beliefs have changed a lot. Most easily the largest change is that I no longer believe there is any way to salvage the system by working within the system. This was a huge disillusionment for myself. I was a lot like the day I had to take my poor sick dog out and shoot it. Now I’m not stupid enough to think that the very few people who think like I do would have any chance for forcing change on the system. Not that that would even be an option, since it’s is direct opposition to my beliefs. So what I’m left with is my little island I call Goat’s Gulch where anarchy thrives even if we do still have to deal with the system on things like property taxes. I used island because not only is it the only area near here where anarchy exists but more and more it is the only place where I feel as if I can truly, honestly exist. It seems as if society has given up on rationality, but I know really what has happen is that I’ve given up on society. I once believed that all these authoritarians who I’m surrounded by were just mistaken because they didn’t understand what they were doing. But, as the years roll by I’m more and more convinced that these people are consciously, knowingly trying to limit others rights and freedoms. Like petty high school clicks, or rats wantonly hurting other rats, or maybe more generously like crabs pulling another crab down who is trying to escape the crab pot.

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End of the Trail

What do you do when you reach the end of the trail

When all that’s left is picking up the empty beer bottles of your dream

Times like these Ol’ Man Wanderlust plies his trade

Just ride off like Abbey’s Brave Cowboy he says

Make the sweet simplicity of Walden

I know just the place

This time it will work

I’m not sure I’m strong enough anymore I tell him

Those are young men’s dreams

The Siren Solitude calls

I don’t want you forever she says

Just let me help you find a new dream

I won’t wreck you on the rocks

Didn’t I return you from the mountains all those times

We danced in the falling quaky leaves

In the warmth of the setting sun while your head was on my lap

I told you stories of tomorrow

We can do it again

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How Things Work

Yesterday I drove the 90 miles to our nearest large town building center. I pulled our heavy duty flatbed trailer since I had to pick up nearly two tons of decking and a bunch of dimensional lumber. This material will allow me to finish the final layer of roof on our backwoods house. Well actually it was purchased to end the parade of five gallon buckets around the house whenever snow melted or it rained. Most importantly it was purchased to end the near hysterical fits my wife had when the house developed impromptu roving waterfalls in random rooms. (more…)

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Who do you serve?

For those of us who are fighting the system there are many adversaries that are obvious. Adversaries being those individuals or groups of individuals who’s existence is harmful to liberty as we know it. (more…)

This is John Galt

I was pleasantly surprised to read that Atlas Shrugged is now one of the “Must Read” books in the nation, even Congresscritters are recommending reading it. My second Blog entry was entitled “Why I Shrugged” because well…………I did. The time I wrote of in that entry that inspired me to Shrug was 1998. It took me seven years to realize my plan but in 2005 we officially Shrugged. Boy, things have changed since the days of the lake front home, with 3 boats on our private dock, all the pocket money etc.. are gone but things are simpler now. “Starving the beast” has actually become a lifestyle and a reason for many things including my quitting smoking, and restarting my home brewing. It seems as though the masses are way behind as usual but it’s nice to see them getting their shit together so to say. Myself and several others who have been able to see several years ahead are now looking at “end game strategies”. I recently read something (I can’t remember where) about how nobody saw the fall of the USSR until just days before it happened. Mind you I lived through this time in history but I was more genitally oriented than politically, so I did some research about that time and place today. There are some scary parallels. Just as oil played a major part in the end of the USSR I see it being the final straw here also. Several years ago there was talk of a “Golden Dinar”; a gold backed currency from Saudi Arabia. If this is instituted it would end the era of every country needing to purchase oil in dollars and the need for foreign countries to hold them for this purpose. The US government stopped reporting the M3 several years ago but I guarantee you there are a bunch of near-worthless FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) that have been held for that purpose only. They will be coming home and will start us down The Zimbabwe Express………….enough rambling for today……………..

Best movie I’ve seen in a long while

I’m one of those weird people who likes dramas. Four out of my top five currently favorite movies are dramas. A couple of days ago I ran across We Don’t Live Here Any More while looking up clips of some of my more obscure favorite movies. I watched it the other night………late…. late because I knew it would be inappropriate for the kids and unfortunately the Lil’ Lady doesn’t like any movie that doesn’t have a Disney-esque ending. This has to be the best movie I’ve seen since The Lives of Others (#3 on the list) and the most disturbing since Fight Club(still at #5). This movie is a dark and honest look at infidelity, the lengths some people will go to to escape the monotony of the status quo, and the lengths some will go to preserve the same status quo. This movie was able to do something no other movie has ever done. I was actually laughing and crying at the same time. I’m not talking about one immediately following the other but really at the same time. These weren’t tears of mirth, no this part was so sad yet so sad I couldn’t help laughing. I coined the phrase emotional responsibility paradigm after watching this.

The non-drama outlier on my current list is the unrated version of Eurotrip for those who were wondering.


The wiring is almost done, I have only 3 runs left and we hung 12 sheets of drywall yesterday. We haven’t received any real snow since December until a few days ago but have been picking up a few inches per day for the last couple of days.

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