Damn Lefties, Hippies, Pinkos, and New Yorkers!

That Village Voice guy calling my place a compound is really pissing me off the more I think about it. If I had happened to share his political ideology, and he ran across my blog I’m sure he would have called us something like a organic, free-range, sustainable, fair trade (I give the chickens grain, they give me eggs and we all feel it’s a fair trade) self-sufficient permaculture homestead. But no, since I don’t think Obama is the next Jesus Christ, or listen to The Dead or Phish or whatever so I have a compound. Just to set the record straight for anyone who wants to give my property a label from now on. It’s official name is Goat’s Gulch, we sometimes call it The Gulch, or The Homestead. I don’t have any artillery, armored vehicles, guard towers, or concertina wire. Fuck, it’s not even fenced or gated. (more…)