Unrecognized Socialism

I received this Email from a fellow firefighter friend:

Rick Moran

A local neighborhood is furious after firefighters watched as an Obion County, Tennessee, home burned to the ground.

The homeowner, Gene Cranick, said he offered to pay whatever it would take for firefighters to put out the flames, but was told it was too late. They wouldn’t do anything to stop his house from burning.

Each year, Obion County residents must pay $75 if they want fire protection from the city of South Fulton. But the Cranicks did not pay.

The mayor said if homeowners don’t pay, they’re out of luck.

This fire went on for hours because garden hoses just wouldn’t put it out. It wasn’t until that fire spread to a neighbor’s property, that anyone would respond.

Turns out, the neighbor had paid the fee.

“I thought they’d come out and put it out, even if you hadn’t paid your $75, but I was wrong,” said Gene Cranick.

Bottom line: the firefighters were there and they should have put the fire out. Standing by and doing nothing was cruel.

Daniel Foster at National Review discusses some of the issues, including the moral dimension but this is really a simple matter; there are some things government should do and one of them is creating and maintaining a fire department. Voluntary participation in a fire district is stupid and self defeating. The man whose house burned down shouldn’t have been billed; he should have been taxed. And if the town didn’t have the ability to tax him, then the state, or the county, or the township should do so and pass on the money to the fire district.

Libertarianism is a fine thing – until you’re being raped or your house burns down. Then it becomes clear that there are limits to voluntary participation in government.

The following is my Rant… I mean reply.

Until just recently(last 100 years), this was the way all departments were setup. It was the precursor of fire insurance. Beats the shit out of the property tax screwing we now have. The current scheme is nothing more or less than socialism. Why should I have to pay for the equipment and staff necessary to fight the fire at a neighbor’s home because they haven’t taken the safety precautions I have.

Where I use to live some neighbors refused to cut the pretty trees near their homes, in some cases these idiots would build a wood deck AROUND a tree. On the other hand, I created hundreds of feet of defensible space. When the Missionary ridge fire came raging through, most of my neighbor’s homes were lost, but mine wasn’t. However the firefighters wasted thousands of man hours and dollars trying to save these homes that stupid choices selected to burn.

Where we currently live I have cut ACRES of defensible space around our home, I spent big bucks for top-of-the-line electrical equipment, installed my own private high volume pressurized fire hydrant, lightning rod, grounded chimneys, and other common sense fire precautions. I refuse to expect someone else to pay for my own laziness, cheapness or stupidity.


My New Favorite Quote

“How to Overthrow the System: brew your own beer; kick in your Tee Vee; build your own cabin and piss off the front porch whenever you bloody well feel like it.” Edward Abbey

This is a kind of funny story. I read Abbey years ago when I was shacked up with this little hippy chick. His book series starting with The Monkey Wrench Gang were funny and insightful (this is where I learned to make Thermite) , but I could never stomach the environmental aspect. I really liked Desert Solitaire but once again I didn’t consider him one of my favorite authors because of his radical environmental beliefs. This quote is funny because even though I’ve read all his works (I believe) and own many of them I never ran across this quote until I bought Voice crying in the Wilderness last week. To be more concise I didn’t read this until I had accomplished all of them.

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Where the Mind Goes

……..the emotions follow. At least, I would guess for INTJs like myself. I can’t remember the exact point when I stopped being a libertarian and became an anarchist. I do remember when I quit being a (big L) Libertarian and became a libertarian, it was when the party endorsed a state level politician (and I forget the ass-wipe’s name) who had a bad gun rights record. But, as for the time between that and now there are no mile markers I can readily pick out. During this time my beliefs have changed a lot. Most easily the largest change is that I no longer believe there is any way to salvage the system by working within the system. This was a huge disillusionment for myself. I was a lot like the day I had to take my poor sick dog out and shoot it. Now I’m not stupid enough to think that the very few people who think like I do would have any chance for forcing change on the system. Not that that would even be an option, since it’s is direct opposition to my beliefs. So what I’m left with is my little island I call Goat’s Gulch where anarchy thrives even if we do still have to deal with the system on things like property taxes. I used island because not only is it the only area near here where anarchy exists but more and more it is the only place where I feel as if I can truly, honestly exist. It seems as if society has given up on rationality, but I know really what has happen is that I’ve given up on society. I once believed that all these authoritarians who I’m surrounded by were just mistaken because they didn’t understand what they were doing. But, as the years roll by I’m more and more convinced that these people are consciously, knowingly trying to limit others rights and freedoms. Like petty high school clicks, or rats wantonly hurting other rats, or maybe more generously like crabs pulling another crab down who is trying to escape the crab pot.

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The Coming Collapse

Speaking of Atlas Shrugged, I just got done reading an excellent essay titled Question authority.

I laughed when the author was speaking about us people in the “fly-over country” needing to bond together to pull something from the ashes. Shit, we’ve been doing this for years. Some of us left good jobs, businesses and areas our families had lived in for generations because of the enc(ock)roachment of bureaucracy, government domination and the minions who serve it.

I really liked this paragraph:

This is the chance we have. A dozen, fifty or hundreds of resistance and secessionist entities are going to move into the vacuum left by the great sucking abyss of the FEDGOD collapse. Hundreds of laboratories will emerge to test every variant of political collective and ordered enterprise imaginable. I have little hope for the subjects and somnambulant mental zombies that stumble around the cities of the Left Coast and the Northeast (Vermont and New Hampshire excepted) will do anymore other than instantly resurrect facsimiles of DC patterns of rule and other processes of national socialism but between the Marxist coastlines; the life and times of ordinary Americans will take extraordinary turns to develop from scratch freedom-oriented communities and spasms of spontaneous order. People may finally awaken and look at their neighbors and try to do the right thing. They may seek a system that asks, persuades and cooperates instead of bullies, collectivizes and forces through violent means the shape and texture of human relationships. They will be the vanguard of the men and women who finally awaken from the five millennia fever-dream of enabling various strangers the power of life and death over thousands and millions simply because they have surrendered the most basic right of all; leave us the hell alone.

I heartily endorse this essay and would like to think there are more people like me who will nod, and perchance utter a “fuck yea” while reading it, but I’m guessing even of the limited people who read my blog some have already stopped reading this. But, for those who are still here I’m going to steal that author’s closing line.

If you are still reading this, you are the Resistance.

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The M3 is Back

Mind you, the government isn’t telling us it, but some people are still trying to calculate it as best they can from The fed’s own reports.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the M3 is, here is the Wiki definition:
* M3: M2 + large time deposits, institutional money-market funds, short-term repurchase agreements, along with other larger liquid assets. M3 is no longer published or revealed to the public by the US central bank. However it is estimated by a web site called Shadow Government Statistics.
If you don’t know what the M2 is you best read theWhole entry

Why should anyone care about the M3 you are asking. Well because the M3 and M2 strong inflation link is virtually unquestionable.


The M3 isn’t nearly as bad as I had feared:

But don’t go rushing out and getting further into debt here is some not so good news:

I got these charts at Now and Futures They have all kinds of economic information there, and are well worth the read if you have the time.

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Someone Keeps Moving My Chair!

This is my first foray into Etymology but it is necessitated by several events, it all started really bothering me years ago when I found out that the word “Liberal” has two definitions which are at complete odds with each other. (more…)

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Quicky Today

Socialized medicine and debt.

I was just reading an article and watching the slide show showing the worlds fifteen largest debtor nations here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/30308959?slide=2

As I was looking at these global leaders of debt, I realized that every one of these nations, except us (#15) have been used by socialized medicine proponents as models of what they want here. I think there is a very revealing correlation between level of debt and socialized medicine.

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The Puppet Theater Tamed

This is a re-write with some extra material to un-rant and try to essayize The Puppet Theater.

Amalgamating Factions

How does one go about uniting radical Obama fans, died-in-wool Bush fans, and hard-core Ron Paul fans? It’s really quite easy; just explain they are all being hoodwinked by the same sham. It’s like a person who got taken advantage of by a slick-talking used car salesman. They will defend what they bought because to do different would mean they would have to admit their stupidity to themselves. This same response seems to be universal with everyone who votes and is inevitably double-crossed on campaign promises. (more…)

The Puppet Theater

I’m ashamed to share a country with you people. With very few exceptions Americans are fucking idiots. You morons are like pubescent boys sitting in front of the boob-tube rooting for your favorite WWF wrestler, not realizing it’s all a sham. (more…)

Damn Lefties, Hippies, Pinkos, and New Yorkers!

That Village Voice guy calling my place a compound is really pissing me off the more I think about it. If I had happened to share his political ideology, and he ran across my blog I’m sure he would have called us something like a organic, free-range, sustainable, fair trade (I give the chickens grain, they give me eggs and we all feel it’s a fair trade) self-sufficient permaculture homestead. But no, since I don’t think Obama is the next Jesus Christ, or listen to The Dead or Phish or whatever so I have a compound. Just to set the record straight for anyone who wants to give my property a label from now on. It’s official name is Goat’s Gulch, we sometimes call it The Gulch, or The Homestead. I don’t have any artillery, armored vehicles, guard towers, or concertina wire. Fuck, it’s not even fenced or gated. (more…)