That Time of Year

So TurkeyLurkey fulfilled his purpose, to the tune of thirty three pounds:



After (when his name was changed to Turkeyzilla):


I finished off Thanksgiving by driving the lil’ lady to “The Big City” at midnight to go shopping. We didn’t get back until seven AM this morning. I’m all out of holiday cheer.

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Happy Yule!

Woe though the world lies under a shroud of snow

Woe though the trees almost ring under a blanket of cold

Woe though the sun is like a scorned lover

Today all is born again

Hope Promise Life

For so long all has grown thin, but all that changes today

Not long now till the small burrowing animals come up to scent the air

Not long till the waters once again joyously jump over the stones in the creek

Not long till the buds burst forth from their long slumber

Not long till the buck once again chases the doe through the glade

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Happy Fourth Everyone

I’m feeling glad I don’t live in some third world shit hole theocracy today and there are still some rights which haven’t been violated here. However, every year on The Fourth I have this thought that I thought I’d share. Why are we celebrating a date that symbolizes nothing more than a day a couple of hundred years ago that a bunch of politicians and statesmen agreed enough was enough? Would these men have had the courage to do this if not for the REAL HEROES who had actually put their own asses in the line of fire with guns, not pens in a nice safe pub, over a year before?

The real birth of our independence was on April Nineteenth 1775, in Lexington and Concord. Just something for everyone to think about placing credit where it’s due.

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