A Quicky

This has a been a really busy summer for me, and I’m really behind, but here’s a quick update for y’all.

After the longest winter in a long time, I finally got my garden expanded and planted. This year, if the weather holds, the garden will produce a full years worth of onions, garlic, and potatoes. My beets are doing really good, but I lost almost all of the rest of the crops to the cold, wet spring. I got a good start on my greenhouse foundation and then my luck turned and every vehicle I own and my four-wheeler broke down. I’ve spent the last two weeks just turning wrenches, until yesterday. Yesterday I got back on the greenhouse project and now have almost 30% of my masonry work done. Today I just got my copy of my first piece of writing to be published: “Little Hammer”, a narrative nonfiction piece. My Backwoods home piece “It Happens to Everyone” will be out in a month or so. I co-wrote an erotic novella with a well published (and great) gal from England, and it’s currently at our first choice publisher.

I’m almost done going through The Airstream getting it ready for our trip to Burning Man. I found an older Duramax Diesel truck in Colorado and Shelley’s bring it up (and pulling a car behind it) when she picks up the kids in a few weeks. She’s going to stay in The Gulch while I’m at )'(

I’ve discovered the joys of polyamory and have been having a great time with several women. The kids are doing great, but I still can’t believe The Boy will turn eighteen this winter.

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