I’m Back

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done anything here. But that will be changing, this blog actually worked as part of my platform to get me a writing contract. …I guess I should take back those things I said about BWH too. Don’t hold your breath on much agitating, but I will be posting about the homestead progress as time allows. This summer I NEED to get the attached greenhouse done, in addition to the third and fourth floor (~300 ft2) and relocate the solar panels. If I can manage it I’d also like to get the fifth floor catwalk and eighth floor crows nest done also. right now I’m still trying to get the garden in, but it’s so damn wet and cold it’s a constant fight.

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  1. Great. Pburg needs a Marty Stewart

  2. I’m happy to see you back here! I have been doing a bit of writing myself, although it has only been on my blog…..anyway, welcome back.

  3. So how IS that homestead progressing?

  4. I’ll do a quick update,

  5. And the Burning Man shindig?

  6. Burning Man was the most spectacular experience of my life. I’m going back next year.

  7. I see from google’s eye in the sky you’ve moved the airstream up next to the house. Ever going to update again?

  8. Yeah, I expanded the garden to more than 20,000 ft2 and needed the room. As for writing more again… maybe someday, I feel like I don’t even know that guy who has written so much here long ago. My life has changed so much. Activism no longer holds the allure it once did. I’m happy now to just live my life as best I can and let you guys do the same. I do miss the old meet-ups, a lot, but I’m not trying to change any world but my own now.

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