Long Time Coming

Sorry, I haven’t updated in awhile. I’ve been busy getting ready for spring, adjusting to being a bachelor again, making wine (13 gallons so far, and four more of watermelon I’ll make tonight,) and I’ve given into the dark side. My Tracfone won’t let me go to most places on the ‘net, including here and any forums, but I can get on Facebook… Yeah, I know they’re evil, but now that I’m just living my life, and not active in politics anymore I don’t really care. Oh, I made some homemade Absinthe too…wow! And I’m co-writing a serial with a well published author from England.

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  1. Watermelon wine? Absinthe? I’m not sure which intrigues me more.

    Good to get an update from you, as I will never be on Facebook.

  2. Not active in politics anymore? Why is that?

    • I wrote about it briefly awhile ago. I will no longer fight everyone else fight for them. I was a activist for ten years. I spent countless time and tens of thousands of dollars fighting for freedom. It made no difference, we are worse today than we were then. Some might say we would be even worse off if it wasn’t for me and other like me fighting the fight. My answer to that is so what, there is no way this system can be fixed, it needs to crash before anything will change. I have the opportunity (because of choices and sacrifices I’ve made)to live a very free lifestyle and that’s exactly what I intend to do; have fun and be free.

      • I too tend to think that the system must fail before it can get any better. Congrats on enjoying life. In the end, I think that is all we have.

      • Thanks, I hoped someone would understand.

      • I understand your decision, but I can’t say that I entirely agree with it, but then I always figured you were a little more binary about things than I am. On or off.

        My approach, which I’m still trying to stick with, has been to try and foster freedom every day. I support people who are doing good in little ways.

        The big thing, I think, is that trying to fight the tyranny head-on requires a ton of energy. More than I have, I know. So, little stuff. And knowing what I do of you, I figure you’ll do the little stuff without even trying. I hope that’s enough to keep you happy.

      • Thanks, Dave. I guess I could say I’m leading by example …but I just don’t care anymore really.

  3. After they set up zoning in Pburg, which they can, according to the Montana Code Annotated, extend beyond the legal boundaries of the town, please post about how that “free lifestyle” thingy is working for you.

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