Breaking the Ice (Mature Content)

Sara drove up here yesterday. She really does have the most beautiful eyes; mischievous but with vulnerability peeking out from the depths. She called me when she got into town and we went for a drive. We were driving sort of at random but ended up out on Buck Creek. We moseyed north taking our time, drinking beer lazily. I was hoping to find a trail we could hike on up by the lake but none had had enough traffic to pack the snow, so I headed back towards town. She had taken me up on my offer to drive, and I was taking my sweet time enjoying the bright clear winter afternoon, and her company.

The only part to the day that wasn’t going to plan was that I was so attracted to her that I was having trouble pissing. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and the idea of what I would soon be doing with her. Every time I stopped to take a piss, as soon as I touched my cock it would start getting hard and would cock its head and give me the “come on, let’s go nail her” look.

Even thought I couldn’t find a suitable trail I couldn’t let the day end on an anticlimactic note like drinking beers at a local bar. So I decided it was time to see if all her adventure talk was on the level. I was so wrapped up in our conversation that I barely made the turn onto the snow packed dirt road, that lead to the local swimming hole. This being February I knew it would be froze over but I hoped the trail would be hard packed enough to walk on, and of course it was. It got used even at this time of the year. If I had to make a bet, I’d guess that three-quarters of the local population loss their virginity at The Swimming Hole. I didn’t intend to make the location something symbolic but looking back it was perfect.

She had been fairly touchy on the ride. Her hand would brush across my leg and linger there just a little longer than necessary for some item she didn’t really need. I still don’t know if she really was a little drunk, not very surefooted or was just giving me an excuse for taking her hand, but she kept stumbling up the snowy rutted trail. The end effect was the same; I had her hand by the time we got there. Taking my cue from her wanting me to drive, I figured I’d have to make the first real move.

I twisted her arm up behind her back, this sounds violent, but it was actually done very gently. If I had felt any resistance I would have stopped but she didn’t resist. The best part of this move is that it forces her body against yours. She took a sharp shallow breath as her body came to rest against mine. After letting my other hand grasp her neck just a second longer than necessary to make it perfectly clear on an animalistic level that I was in control, I grabbed her beautiful long blond hair.

You know for all that feministic thought, most of which is right; when it comes to sex I have yet to find a woman who doesn’t want… no, need, to be dominated occasionally. I pulled her hair back, forcing her to look up and into my eyes. In her eyes was a look of hunger I’ll never forget, without closing them she pulled against my grasp of her hair, and started kissing me. I also didn’t close my eyes, but bathed in her semi-blurry beauty, and sweet beer breath. Her breathing became faster and shallower, her tongue met mine. She moaned and started grinding her pelvis against me. I reached up under her layers of jackets and coats and found her small breasts. They were warm and her nipples felt like miniature gumdrops. She pushed herself away from me just enough for me to fondle them.

She stuck her freezing cold hand down my pants and grabbed my already hard cock. I could feel the slippery pre-cum, that had been waiting all day for this time, lubricate the end of my shaft when she started stroking it. Now it was my turn to gasp, I pulled my hand out of her shirt and thrust it down the back of her pants. One cheek of her ass fit perfectly into my hand. I squeezed, and then I squeezed harder, I wanted to lay a claim on it, even if just for a little while. She knocked my hat off. I let it fall, and didn’t even look to see where it ended up. I pushed her up against a nearby tree, and started undoing her belt, but then I realized I hadn’t brought any condoms and told her so. She told me not to worry and pulled a packet out of her inner jacket pocket.

I had her pants part way down when she told me she wanted to do it in the snow. I didn’t give a shit that the temperature was in the single digits, nor that we were almost a mile from the vehicle; I would have fucked her, in the middle of a Walmart at this point.

I took off my heavy wool coat and spread it out on a nearly bare patch of ground under the tree, she did the same and we had a good enough spot. I pushed her down on the coats, and started to take her pants off, but she had those kinds of boots that are laced all the way to the top. Realizing I’d be spending forever on those fucking laces I wiggled up between her legs. Her boots, wadded up jeans and panties came to rest on my back. My own pants had been pulled down by her in a similar fashion. I could smell her sweet musky scent and her clitoris was sticking up like a stuck zipper pull. I cupped her breasts, one in each hand and took turns sucking on their pale pink nipples.

With one hand I grabbed her long pony tail again; she fought me and brought her lips to mine. I took the time to give her a long languorous kiss and then with one hand smacked her ass while with the other I used her ponytail to pull her head back down onto the jackets, hard. She looked scared for just a second but then said “put it on, I need you inside me now.” Her pussy was soaking wet and surprisingly tight. I had always been told I had an amazing cock but I didn’t expect a woman who herself had admitted to being with many men to be that hard to get into.

On the first thrust she moaned loud enough I was glad we were miles from civilization, on the second thrust it sounded like she was going to start crying, her back arched and my cock was pushed from its hot home. She had fucking come in two strokes, I told myself in disbelief. I grabbed her ass with one hand on each side, and moved so that her ankles were on my shoulder. With her back still arched I tightened my grasp on her ass cheeks and shoved myself home again. This time I swear she was crying, but there were no tears, and she screamed “fuck me.” I rammed deep and her whole body started to shake. I was stunned, she was coming again.

I was so turned on by her hair-trigger I almost popped right there, but held off just to see what the hell would happen if I kept going. She started shaking, and her back and ass fell back to the ground like a rag doll. I grabbed her ankles, pulled myself out from between her legs, and pushed her legs up so that her thighs were resting on her stomach. Her whole crotch and a good portion of her ass was now soaking wet but I still had problems getting back in.

Now, it sounded like she really was crying, and maybe she was, but I was too busy getting my first good look at this amazingly quick pussy to know. It was small. Much smaller than most I had seen. My cock looked dangerously large, stretching it to widths that didn’t look natural. Between gasps, and sobs she kept chanting “fuck me, fuck me harder, I want you to come.” I couldn’t help smiling and looked up into her glassy eyes, I was distracted by her little tits; the ends were rhythmically rocking up and down her chest in time with my thrusting. The edges of her hard nipples looked like pink crepe paper. She grabbed my left hand and started sucking on my index finger, with her right hand she grabbed a handful of snow, made a snowball and rubbed it against her tits. That was all I could take; I blew. I could feel rope-like streams of cum rocketing out of my cock. She reached up and grabbed my beard with both hands and pulled, hard. It was her way of saying “so, you thought you were in charge, did you?”

I looked into her eyes, and there were actual tears there but she was also smiling. I felt myself smiling too and fell on top of her. I could feel our stomachs stick. I don’t know how she managed it in the frigid temperatures but she had worked up a sweat. I laid there listened to her racing heart slow until she started shivering.

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  1. Awesome!

  2. The last two sentences are my favorite. Excellent ending.

    I myself like a little more plot, but I am totally out of my element on this one. Are you going to continue with this story line or write different stories in future postings?

    Good pace and great work.

    I see the main character (this is fiction, right?) and the girl starting a revolution as a hobby between trysts.

    • Thanks, and I like the way your dirty little mind works. 😉

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