Now it’s Your Turn

OK, all you people who have been offended here lately; it’s time to stand up and be counted. To those of you who have been responsible for the steep rise in this blog’s subscriptions, I’d also like to hear from you; most specifically about why you chose to subscribe.

A couple of my writer friends have come right out and told me I shouldn’t waste my time writing anything except erotica. This isn’t as bad as it sounds and was meant more as a compliment to my erotica writing skills. I know what you are thinking. Sure there is A LOT of bad erotica out there, but there is also some good stuff, Anne Rice’s D/s series comes to mind. Unfortunately most erotica writers are very poorly compensated for their writing. This however is most probably linked to the amount of truly awful erotica passed off as writing.

Nowadays a good platform has become a necessity for all writers, but an erotica writer needs a really strong platform in order to have any chance to financially succeed. The days of dropping your manuscript off at a publishers and waiting for a big fat check are over. For those who don’t know, a platform is how an author sells themselves to the public: e.g. book signings, blogs, websites, etc.

So this is where I need my readers input. I tried to keep my more…unique writing pieces separate from this blog, because some readers here are family members, and I was afraid to offend them, (luckily I have a great circle of writer friends who provided me support with these pieces.) Now that I’m not too concerned about how people choose to offend themselves, and I need the exposure this blog can provide for my writing, I’m considering integrating my more risqué pieces in with my more traditional posts here. This blog will never be all erotica, I’m talking about adding just a lil’ bit of spice.

What say you? Why do you come here? What do you like, and dislike?

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  1. Market your writings on Amazon via Kindle.

  2. I’m here for the gulch updates and goings on.

  3. One of my neighbors writes erotica and it is only sold as e-books. She might have some connections for you if you are interested in pursueing that avenue.

  4. 1) I don’t really care for erotica. I would probably read bits of your posts, but I read the blog mainly for the Gulch updates. I have a sick fascination with the names of the pets you plan of eating soon. 😉

    2) Why do you write? Are you doing it for money or because you enjoy it? If you’re doing it for money, then go all out. Build a site dedicated to it. Write short stories as teasers (no pun intended). Sell e-books. (You can still link to it from this site whenever you update content.) Make it a real business. If you’re doing it just for the fun of it, then post your stories where ever you want. At the very least, I would probably warn readers if the content is erotic.

  5. Thanks for the input and offers everybody. I have never written an erotic story to market. I used writing in the genre just for fun. Like I said I had several published writers tell me I was really good at it, better than the other genres I typically write, so I’m rethinking the genre.

  6. I’m interested in the Gulch and how a freedom and libertarian minded person lives in one of the worst towns west of the Mississippi. One that’s getting ready to pounce even more so on those within its borders AND soon to include those in the surrounding areas.
    Talking about selective Gestapo law enforcement, did you notice that certain privileged horses, belonging to a certain town council member, are back? And the Nazi in charge refuses to act on a penning ordinance complaint?

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