Caution the following material might be considered inappropriate for the young, elderly, government employees and others with mental defects.

Just when I thought the idiots in government couldn’t get any more stupid, I have a day like today. Even though since I shrugged I haven’t had to pay income taxes, I use the income tax structure via the EIC to recoup the other taxes I’m forced to pay throughout the year e.g. property taxes, $.50 on every gallon of gas and diesel, a shockingly high percentage of the cost of booze and tobacco, hunting licenses, etc.

So every year I continue to file the fucking 1040 (or is it the 1040 fucking form) to the feds and state. Every year these cock-suckers at least sent me the paperwork to do it. Though it is nothing more than a kind of government reach-around, hey, it was something. This year however, the rectal-leaches didn’t even bother to give me the reach-around. OK, not that big of a deal I hear you saying, that’s what i thought too; so I called the Post Office, and they weren’t sent any forms this year. OK, there’s still the courthouse right? Nope, they didn’t get any either. So I’ll have to get them off the internet. They expect me to know how to run a computer (not too hard for me, but what about that eighty year-old grandma down the road a piece,) they expect me to own a printer to print off the forms, (sure I have one but some people don’t, furthermore, I don’t want to waste my ink on this, nor foul my machine with these kinds of IRS ass-drippings,) or they expect me to give someone a percentage of my money to do some basic math that I’m perfectly capable of doing.

The part of me that makes me such a great chess player (note how I’m not using the phrase conspiracy here) wonders if this is part of a larger strategic move. Like the CPA lobbyists wanting to make professional preparation mandatory, or whether the USPS is wanting to start charging a monthly fee…one of the primary reasons postal service was provided to money losing areas was that the government needed a way to collect taxes.

[Must not look for high buildings] ARRRRRRRRRG! I think I’ll go to the bar instead of doing the taxes today…where the fuck is my Advil. /rant

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  1. You can order paper versions of tax forms & instruction booklets from the IRS on-line and they’ll send them to you through the mail the old-fashioned way (that’s how I do it, too):,,id=10768,00.html

  2. Oh, and this is very deliberate on the IRS’s part. It costs them a great deal more to process paper forms than electronic ones (and then there’s the cost of printing and mailing). Furthermore, it’s so much fuss to work with the paper versions that they don’t even bother to transcribe many of the numbers into their databases. For this reason, so as not to disadvantage the people who do file electronically, they exclude those database fields from /their/ returns as well for the purpose of doing audits and such. The IRS would really like everyone to file electronically and they’re trying to nudge us in that direction. I’m going to hold out a while longer, myself.

  3. I picked up the forms from my local post office. I also refuse to pay to print their mandatory forms. I pick up an extra to write out a ‘copy’ for my files.

    I do use the inter-tubes to read the instructions however. That EIC is a trip though, eh? I was floored they wanted to send me extra money! (I’m still waiting for the catch.)

    • It’s not extra if you consider the other taxes you have to pay.

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