Another Gulch Update

The two babies we were able to save from the last arctic front are doing well. The black and white one is a doeling we will be keeping, her name is Dalia, the brown and white one is a buckling that I will be castrating in a few days and will end up in the freezer next fall.



I was making cheese the other night (like I do about once a week) when the lil’ lady told me we were out of Parmesan. I checked my go to book: The Encyclopedia of Country Living, found a recipe, but discovered I needed to finally build that cheese press… so I did:


Oh, and I finally got all the little sheet-rock “crowns” done between the log rafters on the first floor, less than a dozen to do upstairs and I will be all but done with hanging the F-ing sheet-rock.

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  1. The missus wants to know how long you plan on aging the cheese (if at all).

    Also, what do you guys do to protect the goats from the cold?

    • I’ll age it for at least a month before we taste it.

      The goats have three separate houses, two with partitions. In the summer all the houses have some goats in them, when the really cold weather hits they bunch together by themselves. We add a bed of hay (which is cheaper than straw here) to all the houses whenever a cold front rolls in, they do everything else by themselves. Newborns will spend a few nights inside if it’s too far below freezing.

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