A Bone for Ya

I’m so sick of marketing my writing, so this piece I’m just going to put up here. I hope you enjoy it.

Crazy like Everyone


Which are you?
No use denying it
We are all at least one of these
Some just hide it better than others

I hide nothing
And that scares you
But it’s not me you are scared of
It’s the piece of you that you see in me

It’s always within you
And I want you to know that I know
But your secret is safe with me
I’m crazy like everyone else

The kid bagging your groceries on Lithium
The housewife behind you popping Valium
The girl in the cart hopped up on Ritalin
The checker’s breakfast was Captain Morgan

Everyone trying to find a way to keep the color inside the lines
Drugs outlining the shape of the cookie cutter we call society

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  1. I stopped all efforts at writing anything worth publishing. It is just not worth the heartache.

    • I have a check in the mail, but I have at least twenty rejections on the spike that preceded that sale.

      I can handle the rejection, but it starts to wear on you after awhile.

  2. I can handle rejection as well (not as well as I would like to think, but decently), but it finally dawned on me: the reason that it is so hard to get accepted is because the publishing industry is doomed. The Internet is going to change things. And it is too expensive to publish books now.

    But, mainly I decided that my worth rested on more than some jerk’s opinion. I read your blog. No rejection letters here!

    • Thanks V.

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