Winter has finally arrived in The Gulch. I have no complaints, in fact it was such a nice fall it almost made up for the long horrible spring we had. We finished processing the onions and mustard we grew in the garden this summer, and I’m already feeling a longing for the seed catalogs.


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  1. How do you and the family celebrate the holidays? I bet it is nice to be so far removed from the “Christmas cheer” they sell at every single store here in the city.

    • We do exchange gifts, the lil’ lady saves the change she makes all year for X-mass. Cedric has already received his gift; a Browning BLR in .308. Shelley loves doing the X-mass shopping the day after Thanksgiving, it’s a lot more fun knowing that the gifts aren’t on credit. As for myself I’ll probably take the family snowmobiling after gifts and then either curl up and watch The Hogfater, or play boardgames with the kids.

  2. So you give in to the rest of humanity and celebrate a religious holiday! Scandal!

    Last year, the hubby and I ran all over attending various Christmas parties and such. It royally sucked, so this year, we are boycotting the holidays. No tree. Minimal presents. And enough alcohol to furnish an entire gang of marauding teenage boys with molotov cocktails.

  3. We celebrate all holidays. Any excuse for a party. Come on up and help us roll burning logs down our hill on Alban Arthan (two days before X-Mass)Bring any type of cocktails you want.

  4. Why do I always have to google your references? A Druid solstice festival, eg? I thought I had seen it all when I read about a family the celebrates “Isaac Newton Day” instead of Christmas.

    We will make our way into your neck of the woods eventually.

    I am trying to be gainfully employed right now. Been interviewing this week. Trying to free myself from my current not-so-rewarding-job. Hoping to get an offer tomorrow…

    Tell the family I said hello.

    • I’m glad I can expand you knowledge of the trivial.

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