Nixie (a.k.a. squirt,) our prudish bitch yellow lab is in heat again. We still want puppies, and Rowdy (a.k.a. Booboo) our male lab is more than willing to do his part however, Nixie isn’t interested in anything to do with this process. Whenever Rowdy presses his suit Nixie kicks his ass and he’s too much of a gentleman to do anything except retreat and plan another approach. I was going to muzzle Nixie and tie her to one of our log loft posts, but apparently this is considered “uncool,” at least according to my wife. My friend the breeder whom we got Nixie from suggested we do A.I. (artificial insemination,) and even suggested a vet who has a hot chick tech who would…um, extract the semen. I was informed having a hot chick tech do this is a plus. Anyways, last night at 3AM we were awoken by what I first thought was our Thanksgiving turkey being attacked. I grabbed a flashlight and the large frame Glock to investigate. (I would have preferred The Judge loaded with .410 buckshot but I haven’t installed night sights on it yet.) When I got to the spare goat pen (where the turkey is living out his last days) it was obvious that the noise was coming from elsewhere. I had tracked the noises to the top of the ridge above the pens when the noise changed to a long undulating howl. I recognized the howl as a coyote, but it seemed in pain and not moving. I didn’t have any leg-hold traps set in that area so the only thing I could come up with was the ‘yote had gotten into my root cellar and got stuck. Not wanting to deal with this in the dark, I turned on the flood lights by the pens (incase it was still mobile and hungry) and decided to wait till morning. When I got back to the house I heard another howl, this one reeked of desperation. This was the kind of desperation I remembered from back in my Jr. High School days when my girlfriend told me to get my hand out of her pants. That is when I realized this was just another chapter in the continuing saga of trying to get a litter of puppies.

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  1. Wow. Who knew it would be that big of a deal to get puppies? Our Hank has (Thankfully!) been separated from his manhood (doghood?). It’s much much much better that way. At least for us. I’m sure Hank would beg to differ.

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