Harsh Realities of Non-Citified Life

I stole this title from a forum I belong to, but it really fits my experiences today. I’ve gotten use to not being able to get things like auto parts quickly and reliably, such as the water pump I need for my wife’s truck. Luckily I was never the type of person who required Prosciutto, sushi or Thai food on a short basis. Things like that (the water pump, not the Prosciutto) I pick up on one of our town trips we take about every month. However, today during my fall plow checks I found out I need about a quart of 90W gear oil for The Kaiser’s transmission, and I also needed four quick links to lengthen a pair of chains for my wife’s truck. Our local auto mechanic was out, the only convenience station doesn’t carry it, nor does the grocery store. I will check the hardware store but I’m not holding my breath, they don’t even have the right size quick link, I know this because the quick links I bought yesterday, for the Dodge were the only ones anywhere near that size.

Just another aspect anyone considering moving to a very small town should consider.

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