Berry Week

Today we as a family went to a new raspberry patch I found this year and each filled a quart jar in about half an hour.


Tomorrow we pick elderberries, I expect at least a couple of gallons. Thursday we pick Huckleberries/whortleberries, and Friday we go back to raspberries.

We got down into the thirties last night and lost all our squash/peppers and a few potato plants. We harvested our first turnip of the year yesterday. The fava plants are doing great:



I finished the last “must do” infrastructure project of the year today, our spring house entryway:


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  1. I gotta say… “Malleable” is a weird name for a heavy-duty iron stovetop (mine, of similar fashion, goes by the name “Wedgewood”)

    • The stove is actually a Home Comfort Circa 1950. A lot of the early stoves had cast iron tops which would break if heated too fast/a pan was dropped on them and and many other ways. So the malleable is was a huge selling point.

  2. Raspberries… Yum. You are so lucky. The only raspberry patch I know of in Dallas charges me $10 a box.

    • A box being a gallon?

  3. A box being a pint… or something like that.

    Not enough to bake a pie with.

    • That’s outrageous.

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