Good Bye Old Friends

Over a decade ago I found two friends that had ever since that date supported and protected me. Practically every day they helped me, they were there when I built my first building (The Man Shack,) when I remodeled our old home, when I built my boat dock, wood shed, our current house. They were there when I killed my last 10 elk, 12 deer, and two bears. They moved with me to Montana and explored a lot of her back country with me. I had to give up on them today. They were falling apart to the point they were losing their souls.

I started looking for exact replacements for them both several weeks ago and when I came to realize I could never replace them. I settled for these:

Thanks for being so White about it boys

I will miss my Danners. I’ve never had such a great pair of boots that were anywhere near that durable. As ol’ Lynn R. would say at least I’m not moving down.


In other Gulch news I made my first batch of goat cheese a few days ago and it turned out wonderfully. I also made five loaves of whey bread which had all the best characteristics of Sourdough and White bread combined. The infrastructure projects I’ve been trying to wrap up this summer are all most done too.

Where this cheese is coming from:

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  1. It’s hard to let the old dogs go, isn’t it?

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