Berry Week

Today we as a family went to a new raspberry patch I found this year and each filled a quart jar in about half an hour.


Tomorrow we pick elderberries, I expect at least a couple of gallons. Thursday we pick Huckleberries/whortleberries, and Friday we go back to raspberries.

We got down into the thirties last night and lost all our squash/peppers and a few potato plants. We harvested our first turnip of the year yesterday. The fava plants are doing great:



I finished the last “must do” infrastructure project of the year today, our spring house entryway:


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I wanted to spend my summer building fun things like the Greenhouse, the third floor writing room, the fourth floor sundeck, the Eighth floor crows nest, or the 1/3 mile long zipline from the crows nest to the far side of my property but… I decided to be a grown up and work on the more practical Infrastructure projects, some of which I’ve been putting off for years.

These generally aren’t too exciting, and on some I prefer to keep the specifications private so no huge write ups, but here is this summers summary to date:

1) I increased the power I’m making in The Gulch by 300%, thereby completely eliminating the need for a backup generator, and reducing our propane consumption by 90%.

2)I increased the food produced in The Gulch by 400% including our first try at Goat Cheese, gourmet mushrooms and complete success on two new types of garden crops (Kale and Fava Beans.)

3) I increased our crop storage capability by 6000%.

4)I installed a 1″ X 80′ cable for a lightening rod above the house, thereby eliminating my anxiety during our thunderstorms.

5)I added a tertiary backup water source, and I’m currently securing and protecting our primary from surface water contamination.

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Good Bye Old Friends

Over a decade ago I found two friends that had ever since that date supported and protected me. Practically every day they helped me, they were there when I built my first building (The Man Shack,) when I remodeled our old home, when I built my boat dock, wood shed, our current house. They were there when I killed my last 10 elk, 12 deer, and two bears. They moved with me to Montana and explored a lot of her back country with me. I had to give up on them today. They were falling apart to the point they were losing their souls.

I started looking for exact replacements for them both several weeks ago and when I came to realize I could never replace them. I settled for these:

Thanks for being so White about it boys

I will miss my Danners. I’ve never had such a great pair of boots that were anywhere near that durable. As ol’ Lynn R. would say at least I’m not moving down.


In other Gulch news I made my first batch of goat cheese a few days ago and it turned out wonderfully. I also made five loaves of whey bread which had all the best characteristics of Sourdough and White bread combined. The infrastructure projects I’ve been trying to wrap up this summer are all most done too.

Where this cheese is coming from:

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