Rot in Hell Blizzard

A friend got me hooked on the computer game Starcraft many years ago. So when the news Starcraft 2 was being made ……like ten years ago we were all very happy. We use to set up LAN Starcraft games here in our small town, OK so the sequel won’t do this….not that big a deal. So it took like ten years to finally release it all the while cock teasing us once year like we were still Jr. High School boys … whatever, anticipation makes the heart grow fonder, right? Sixty freaking bucks (for just the first part)… H’uh. OK so the nosy, pushy bastards want your real name before you can even start the game….Big fucking deal, some of us have many aliases …. I mean pen names, we have been using for years. What really sucks about those morons at Blizzard Entertainment (the makers of SC and SCII) is their choice to make it so you can’t run this game unless you are online. For most people this probably isn’t a big deal…. but for this gaming mountain man it crosses a line. We don’t have net at the house. I have to do all my internetting when I’m in town once or twice a week. I don’t intend to spend those few hours doing a time killing activity like computer games.

This finger is for you bastards at Blizzard!


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  1. Drunk already, huh?

  2. Surely a mountain man such as yourself would have already downloaded a hacked version or a patch that didn’t require internet to play. Come on. You call yourself self-sufficient ; )

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