I brought all my tools when we moved to our homestead. I didn’t really think about the most important because I used it to haul those tools.


Ol’ Hoss, has carried more than his fair share of our homesteading dreams, and will continue to for a long time I’m sure. I’ve taken him for granted and because of that maybe I haven’t explained how important a good big truck like he is.

If you are thinking about homesteading and/or building your own homestead house, you will need a truck, and I’m not talking about a lil’ japper “It gets great fuel mileage” um..truck. You will need a 4X4 with straight axles, a big engine that won’t get more than 20 miles to the gallon with a tailwind going downhill.
It doesn’t need to be made in this millennium, all be the same color, cost a bunch of money, or bring the chicks running when you park it. I wouldn’t consider anything less than 3/4 ton and would strongly urge a full ton. I also recommend a diesel because of the power to fuel consumption value. Diesels however have a whole set of their own problems when it gets cold. I prefer Dodge, (that should have been obvious from the hat, eh) but that’s more of a personal preference than anything else. All manufactures have made good and bad models. But the point is you will need one of these.

A person living in town can once every couple of years ask a friend with a big truck to help him out when they move. If you however are needing to haul, bags of cement, timbers, trees, firewood, travel trailers, stock trailers, livestock, gravel, other vehicles etc. on a regular basis…which you will if you are actually homesteading, you won’t be hooking these up to your little two wheel drive Toyota or your sports car (even if it has an aftermarket supercharger.)

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  1. Try living in a small city without transportation other than walking or bicycling. A big old truck is great.

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