Let’s Talk of Penguins and Al Gore


Long before it was revealed that the data that made the global warming “hockey stick” graph was fabricated, some of us with a basic knowledge of history and some common sense knew it didn’t really matter. The tree huggers now say it doesn’t matter if it all started with a lie because it has been proven that some ocean ice is indeed melting. My response is: so fucking what? I’m not one of the people stupid enough to build a house at or below the current sea level. Hell, its June and we had snow last week and there is more forecasted for this Friday. I sacrifice all my yard wastes to the Fire God of Greenhouse Gases every chance I get. I say bring it!


Putting aside the argument of whether or not the world is actually warming, cooling or staying the same, here is why it doesn’t matter. Temperature fluctuations on this planet are a perfectly normal thing that have been happening for millennia. A very very short time ago in a global perspective (20000 years) where I’m currently growing my garden (along with a lot of the United States) there were thousands of feet of ice. A little common sense would reveal that a stage of “global warming” melted that ice.


A less well know piece of history deals with the best marketing scam ever. In the year 985 Erik the Red wanted to expand his people’s holdings from Iceland to include another island northwest from there. This is why an island that is more inhospitable than Iceland came to be named Greenland….. OK, so that didn’t really have much to do with global warming, but I really like that story, on to the relevant facts…. Currently citizens of Iceland and Greenland import over 95% of their food. The environment has been much too harsh to support the people living there (food wise, <a href="“>but this is changing however it wasn’t always that way. It’s not like old Erik or his son Leif ran containerships of food to the Greenland or Iceland villages. Those people grew their own food, which reveals that this planet went through a period of “global cooling” since that period.


In conclusion: 20000 years ago a person couldn’t grow food in Montana which is approximately three thousand miles from the North Pole but can today. Yet, 1000 years ago people could grow food in Iceland which is approximately half the distance as Montana from the North Pole (1500 miles,) but can’t today.
Now that it has been explained maybe you “environmentalists” can proceed to find something else to worry about. I’d recommend the amount of debt our country has, which incidentally all the “Green” regulatory policies have add to.

Just because Vikings rule!

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  1. Don’t forget that several hundred years ago (during the Renaissance)Britain was a major supplier of wine, major enough to worry the French. Now it is too cold to grow wine grapes in Britain.

    Major leaps forward of society (such as the Renaissance) are marked with warmer temperatures for the culture. Times of social stagnation (such as the Middle Ages) are characterized by cooler temperatures.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I’ve been reading about how we would not have been able to develop civilization had it not been for a recent global warming trend.

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