Is It Turned On?

This new category name was inspired by a comment made by someone I know on a forum I frequent. I tend to assume everybody has some amount of common sense….even though this has been proven to be false many times. This individual does IT support and their first question is always: “Is it turned on?”

I hate to be reminded that a large percentage of this planet’s population is idiots. I like my idealistic reality and tend to substitute it in place of the more painful aspects of relating to other people. However, this really isn’t fair to those who might be visiting this blog with hopes of someday immolating what I’m doing. I tried to think of a situation that I might end up in a “Is it turned on?” situation. Since I’d cut my wrists before ever entering Corporate America, the closest I can come up with is working on a seagoing ship. I’ve never lived within a thousand miles of the ocean, but still I don’t think I’d have many problems figuring it out. I still remember how to tie a bowline knot from my scouting days. I know how to tie a diamond and double diamond hitch knot from packing elk with horses. I know how to tie a figure eight from my rock climbing days. I know how to prusik knot from my firefighting days. I got pretty good at sailing a fourteen foot single mast boat….I know there are huge difference between that size of ship and the larger ones but I believe the basic understanding would get me through it.

I didn’t mean to turn this post into another “how awesome I am” post. I just wanted to explain why I have problems remembering that other people might not grasp some of the very basic concepts of living in the mountains.

It was brought to my attention that some people might not understand that road work is a part of this lifestyle. Outside of cities concrete and asphalt roads give way to dirt roads. These have the tendency to get wash-boarded/rutted/potholed and in severe cases they have been known to slide downhill from where they were built. If a city person has a problem with their road they call town hall or some other government agency. Most people living in the “country” now days if they have a problem with their road will call their homeowners association. When a homesteader has a problem with their road they will usually call Mother Nature names.

It so happened that I had to do some road work yesterday when a sinkhole opened up after my creek decided it was too good or too scared to go through my culvert, so I documented it to share with y’all.

After two loads of native rock rip-rap:


Hauling rocks:


Filled in except for top gravel:


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  1. Oh my, simply amazing! What skills! You took pictures of rocks and dirt! Have you figured out how to sharpen your chainsaw yet?

    • I taught myself to sharpen chains with the directions that came with an Oregon file guide almost twenty years ago. I got good enough to file without the guide a couple of firewood seasons after that. Around ten years ago I discovered the beauty of a 12V sharpener (looks like a dremel tool). So yes, I figured out how to sharpen it. Now days I do pay the five bucks to get them sharpened because even as cheap as my time is, it’s worth it.

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