As Wash Would Say (Part 2)

Now continues the on going tribute to my luxurious facial hair.


Howdy Darlin’

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  1. I love the tag on this post. “Handsome Devil.” Makes me laugh.

    I’m partial to the cowboy (for obvious reasons related to my heritage and early life as a country girl), but I must protest. That hat has got to go.

    I’m a little sad that there was no “frenchman” mustache. And I’m predicting that the last mustache will be the Hitler one. It should be interesting to see the costuming on that.

  2. I couldn’t find a beret or a stripped Frenchman’s shirt so I’m leaving it like the last pic….for now at least.

    What’s wrong with my hat???

  3. Finally… (sigh of relief). I liked the russian aristocrat style most. For an anarchist you look suspiciously like a gentleman.

    • That’s because I’m a gentleman anarchist. I don’t even have one of those bowling-ball with a fuse sticking out of it bombs. [Rolls eyes]

      • You’ve got it’s equivelant in words I believe.

  4. ITS equivelant (roll eyes)

    • Is that an Acronym? 😛

  5. It’s a stupidonym. How to massacre the english language in one brief sentence.
    Idiotically Tragic Sentence

    • At least you have an excuse for ITSs, unlike most Americans.

  6. Actually no I don’t. You see, I was taught english in a classroom. Endless exams. Still an idiot if I don’t pay attention.

    I am still reading even if I don’t write to you much. Haven’t written anything in ages. Just starting again. In greek thias time. English is fine for essays but not for more intimate things. Haven’t participated in the forum since you left.

    Have you been writng anything? I know you are waiting for winter but still…

    Summer is in full bloom here, or should I say in the first glimses of heat wave. I’ve been swimming like my life depends on it.

    • I’ve been taking philosophical notes as they come to me this summer, which I’ll expand on at some point.

      I’s like to be able to go swimming without causing severe trauma to the naughty bits. Maybe, next month.

      • Still cold eh? (evil laughter)
        I imagine a river for you. It’s (got it!) the sea for me.

        I’d like to commission a short story about swimming. Would you write one please? (We used to play that game with my friends. We wrote great things like that).

        Philosophy is great but up to a point. Do I have stories to tell you about philosophy…

  7. I’ve actually swam in the Med, even off the coast of Greece before. A short story about swimming…..oh yeah, I got one from my childhood. I think my brother has recovered from the last story. I’ll write that one if you write a story about a goat in Greece (from the roots of tragedy.)

  8. You know things! I am impressed! (seriously.)

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a goat in person, unless eating it counts. Would you be interested in a story on going to see a play in the epidaurus theatre? I do it every year.

    I’d love to hear about you and your visit in our part of the world. About anything you like (the story…)

    • Epidaurus theater? That sounds promising.

      Did I ever tell you about the time I lost two hours sitting on top of a column at the Oracle of Delphi?

  9. You actually need drugs to see a vision there. I take it you just closed your eyes and gave it a shot. Next time…

    Deal about the story. I’ll send it to you on Monday. Any preferences?

    How about you?

  10. I never said I had a vision. I just lost two hours…gone..poof, I have no idea what happened.

    I’ll need a lil’ longer than Monday. This is my busy time of the year. How about we share them at GYHD. Are you comfortable with that?

  11. GYHD? What is that?

    As for whn, take your time! Just write it on your own time! I might need a little longer as well, but i’ll try not to.

    • You know, loosing 2 hours in Delphi (of all places) is a terribly interesting story. I want to hear about it.

    • The forum.

      Maybe I can write a story about all the weird things I’ve witnessed.

  12. Yes, do that! It seems you’ve seen things. (Maybe you fell asleep, or got a sunstroke that day? Maybe Apollon was mad at you and decided to play a joke at you, you humble mortal?)

    I don’t know about the forum. I was thinking of a new blog maybe…

  13. OK I’m off. If I write anything it will be a first in a long time. So you are sort of my muse. In a moustache and a hat. Inspiration is found in unexpexted forms…

  14. Nice to see you start a blog. No worries on the story.

    • See you again in September dear Prom!

      • Going on a voyage?

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