More F-ing Snow

It’s been snowing for almost a week now. Not much is sticking, just a constant couple of inches on the ground. All the work in the garden has stopped, my hope to get the peas in the ground yesterday failed. We had planned a Mayday Party, I canceled that yesterday also. Frustration is my word of the week. There is a little bit of Sheetrock left I could do (the six inch strips on the crowns between the log rafters,) but I’m not motivated enough to do it. All I want to do is play Hobbit and get my hands in our good tilled earth and celebrate the work with an ale and some good pipe weed. Oh, well. I know spring will eventually come, it always has in the past.

On another completely different topic; I heard a great quote on a Sam Elliot movie called Gone to Texas:

A corrupt and distant government, holding power over a vast territory with a population that loves freedom and independence. That sounds to me like the very prescription for revolution.

This quote was spoken about the Mexican government when it ruled the territory of Texas. However, it reminds me of several of our States today also.

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  1. Last-spring snow is frustrating. I always just try to tell myself “well, it’s recharging the water table.”

  2. Wow. The only thing that makes snow in Dallas is a snowcone machine. Enjoy the cool weather. We’ll soon be sweating down here!

    • I’d be happy to send it down there. It still hasn’t stopped snowing, and it looks like it will continue through the end of the week.

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