Spring in the Rockies

As pretty as this always is I’m so ready for summer and being able to work on The Gulch projects.


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  1. I hope spring comes soon and lasts long!

    I’m going away on Easter vacation (everyone here does lol, the map of Greece changes), so I’ll be gone for about a week. See you then. It’s a chance for families to get together, from grandparents, kids and grandchildren down to cousins, aunts, uncles etc… It’s also a chance to eat to death after a few days of fasting (which very few people actually keep). So the day after Easter everyone has a stomachache, hehehe…

    It’s also a chance to enjoy nature’s rebirth after the winter,to take some time off the busy city life, and to see the countryside alive again. There are so many stories to be written, and I think I’ll write one. Not to mention that my mind is already to summer (sigh).

    I sense you don’t celebrate Easter, but the wishes stand: health, happiness and love for you, your family and your friends.

    Bye for now Prometheus, and say hi to Jonathan as well!

    • Have a great Easter. Watch out of all those naked Greeks. Do you have a Blog?

  2. No blog I’m afraid. I made an attempt but deleted it. Too bored to keep it up.

    LOL Prometheus. There are no naked Greeks! It’s the tourists that come here and go wild! That’s why I laughed my head off when I had that discussion in wf with… I can’t remember who. Because he was talking about a nudist beach in Crete as full of greeks, when in fact it’s full of tourists, hehe. In fact we wouldn’t be caught dead like that.

    See you in about a week!

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