The man went by many names. He wasn’t sure which he would use when he sent his current work out into the world, or even where it might end up. Of course he wasn’t thinking about this now. He was running his fingers through his thick beard. He was proud of his beard and rightly so, not many people could grow such luxurious facial hair. He found that this action helped him put his thoughts in order. He was struggling to start a story. The blinking curser seemed to mock him like an impatient driver waiting in a car in front of a house honking the horn.

“How does a person sum up such a full life in five hundred words?” He mumbled. The logs that he had shaped with his own hands into the home surrounding him offered no answers. Then his eyes widened, his posture straightened and his fingers sought the keys in front of him. Using three fingers of each hand in a way that would send any typing teacher into fits, he started writing.

He typed: “The boy sat in the Junior High school library. A book titled Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains lay open if front of him. He had started spending his recesses in the library studying to be a mountain man ever since the suspension. He was suspended for selling bubblegum filled suckers on the school grounds. Last week when he was sitting in front of the principle he was too ashamed to admit his family’s poverty as the reason for selling the candy. He had wrongly believed the fact that the exact same candy was sold by the school store would save him. His arguments about capitalism and the American dream had no effect… ”

The man shook his head and pressing the backspace key erased all he had written. “Screw this,” he said as he closed the laptop and pulled some papers out of a manila folder next to him. The sharp lines on the sheets showed his building projects for the coming summer. He shuffled through the blueprints for the attached greenhouse, the third floor writing room, and the mine adit to his root cellar. His face brightened as he reached the sheet with the mechanical engineering diagram for the complicated power dump to water heating schematic. He pulled a drafting pencil out of the same manila folder the plans had come from. With the pencil poised over the sheet he studied it for several minutes. With a sigh he realized that all the planning that could be done was already done. He placed the plans and the pencil back in the folder and reopened the laptop.

He typed: “The man had arrived an hour early to smuggle in the protest signs. These signs were now safely hid behind his chair in the back of the room. He fidgeted, the rest of his group wouldn’t arrive for some time and he was getting bored. He spotted a piece of chalk on the table at the front of the room where the planning commission would be giving the press conference. With a huge smile on his face he walked to the front of the room and wrote “6:00PM- Fascism in Action” on the chalkboard behind the podium. He had just returned to his seat when the local access TV station crew showed up and started setting up their equipment….”

“It’s all crap” The man said as he once again erased all the words he had just typed. He rose from where he was typing and walked downstairs to the huge pantry. The pantry had originally been designed to be a dining room but his wife had persuaded him to convert it into a cool room to store their long term food storage. He told friends it was so large in case they ever got snowed in for the winter. He didn’t ever mention the times when they were so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy food for weeks and these provisions kept his family from going hungry. He walked the thirteen feet down the aisle looking at the thousands of pounds of food most resting safely on shelves in canning jars he had processed himself. He wasn’t really hungry and nothing appealed to him. Closing the insulated door he returned to his writing area and once again opened the computer.

He typed: “The sun shone off the vintage Airstream, blinding the drivers of the trucks that occasionally thundered past. Dry rolling hills with sparse clumps of sage and cheat grass lay beyond a large rectangular sign. The sign was old splintered wood with flaking brown paint. Carved deeply into the ancient wood were the words “Welcome to Montana”. A man was rubbing the sign in a way that was almost a caress. A woman was walking a dog along the fence behind the sign. A boy ran up to the man with a deer horn that was bleached to a ghostly white.
“Look what I found dad,” the boy said.
“Yup…. Well, we finally made it. Get your mother, sister and the dogs over here. I want a picture.”
After the boy ran off the man felt himself holding back tears. Years of planning had led to this moment. “A new life,” he thought to himself. Then he thought of the six figure cashier check locked safely in the fireproof safe hidden in the camper and smiled. It was a smile that advertised hope and freedom….”

“I can’t write that, there’s no ending. I haven’t finished that story in my life yet.” The man said as he deleted it. “Screw it. It’s just a stupid writing contest. It’s not like there is even a cash prize.” He shut off the computer and wandered downstairs. While feeding the woodstove decided to go check for eggs, feed the goats and water his new mushroom spawn.

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  1. Hey Prometheus! You were banned after all! Sorry about that, in fact Jonathan told me before I saw it. Can you still read the forums without logging in?

    I loved your story by the way. They also got rid of some of your blog entries. Just a stupid forum anyway. Cogito sucks… Can you believe even I have received an infraction? Me, the ulitimate peacemaker? I think I’ll change my tune if provoked again, and start using bigger words… Just to make cog. run for a dictionary lol. He always writes with the “authority” of a person who wears a “litterary” mask of seriousness, but that is not natural or successful. I’m telling you he is like an old headmaster, only even less fun…

    Keep on writing. Can you get in with a new name?

  2. Holy shit, you received an infraction? I’ve never rejoined anywhere I’ve been banned, this makes three (I was unbanned from one though)so far. It’s their loss. I’m miss some of you guys but I’m taking the parts I liked from there and incorporating them into my anarchist forum (which has some published writers too). I think I PMed you that address, feel free to stop by there anytime WF gets too boring.
    I think they deleted all my blog entries. Like a friend just said I was Memory Holed.

  3. No, not all of your blog posts, just the controversial ones…

    I will visit the other forum, but I can’t promise I;ll participate. I will be following this blog anyway.

    Can you still see the forum without logging in?

    That simile game was great!

  4. I can still see it, but it’s dead to me now. I won’t return if I can’t interact with you guys. I’ll add the simile game to the others I’ve already restarted at the other board. I’ll miss you.

  5. No, I won’t let you miss me. After all, an anarchist needs a devoted lover of democracy to debate with, hehe.

    You should visit from time to time, maybe if I post something and ask you to see it? (Request-question. Where is cog to correct me?)

    May I tell Jonathan you are not coming back? He still hopes you will…

  6. I won’t be coming back unless I’m unbanned and I don’t see that ever happening. I’m pretty sure I sent Jon the other address also, ask him if he got it? I’m currently trying to get something like a “Writer’s Corner” set up at the anarchist board, if you aren’t comfortable with the rest of that board at least share your writings with us in that area.

  7. I sent Jonathan both the links, the other forum and here. I’ll let you know if he says something.

  8. Thanks Penny. [hug]

  9. Here is Jonathan’s message to me

    “tell him I’ll make an account there under the same name so to look me up.”

    There, I told you!
    See you around, and if I write a piece I’ll ask you to read it! You write well, and you know, pen is mightier than the sword!

    If you had posted photos of you bound and gaged, you wouldn’t have been banned I guess… (I’m just being nasty now…)

  10. It’s not nasty if it’s true. Good to see jon will be stopping in, I hope you will too.

  11. He just did I think! Talk to you again soon. I’ll be browsing the other forum anyway, we’ll see about joining. Still holding my baseball bat and ready to shout apples that is!

  12. LOL

  13. Newsflash from the contest. It seems yours was the only entry as a result:

    This contest has been withdrawn due to low participation and a new contest launched.

    I would have voted for this one Prom!

  14. Thanks Penny.

  15. […] Beginnings March 201014 comments […]

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