Happy Birthday Breakfast Club

A quarter of a century ago today the Breakfast Club was released. This movie did more for my generation than another other movie to teach youth that resistance to tyranny is possible. Some people might argue that that distinction should go to Red Dawn, but they would be missing the bigger picture. Tyranny is easy to see when it is committed by foreign soldiers, but much harder to spot when it’s being perpetrated by individuals who we are taught are unquestionable role models.

From almost the day we are born we are taught to respect authority just because they are authority. Never ask why. If you receive the answer “because I told you” to a question of why you are suppose to accept it. You are expected to pretend like you don’t know that the answer is just short for “because if you don’t I will force you”.

In the movie the five students weren’t able to end the tyranny they were under, but they all exercised what freedom they could. Their situation is very similar to what we have today with warrantless searches, war tribunals, exorbitant taxation, torture, drug laws, gun laws, zoning and everyday violations of our Rights. Like in the movie our system is so corrupt that outright rebellion isn’t an option. We, like those kids, must isolate ourselves from and disregard the rules to enjoy what freedoms we can.

In the movie we see the five students putting aside vast differences to fight against tyranny. The movie provides us with hope that someday we as a society could put aside our comparatively petty differences to realize our own freedom. Where a lot of movies fail with this idea is by making the characters conform to one ideal. In The Breakfast Club however every character remains what they started out as. They realize that their interactions based on those differences are really only what their peers/society demand of them. Like all good resistance movies it provides the viewers with a vision of overcoming subjugation and making their world a better, freer place.

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