Free State Project RIP

We have a political activist from New Hampshire visiting our little mountain town this week. Last night while I helped participate in trying to right the latest outrage to take place out there; I came to the happy realization that something like that wouldn’t happen here. That cop wouldn’t be able to show his face anywhere in town without being ridiculed. There is a positive aspect for the small town gossips. It’s not the fact that if you get a thrown in jail for DUI everyone in town knows within twenty four hours, (THIS WAS NOT ME) even if this happened in a town thirty miles away. It’s not the fact that if you get drunk and are playing grab ass with someone weighing three hundred pounds (ALSO NEITHER BEING ME) everybody knows within a few days. It’s not the fact that if you get laid off, have Mono, diarrhea, marriage troubles, erectile dysfunction, don’t kill your elk, go home to the wrong house (I WAS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY OF THESE) or need to put disclaimers after any possible rumor source in a blog post. The nice part of the local rumor mill is that everybody knows if a cop or politician (or anyone) is trying to get away with something. In fact I have a friend who when drunk becomes the meanest ninety pound chick I’ve ever known. Not that long ago one night after the bar closed she took a swing at someone missed and cold-cocked one of the local deputies who was trying to disperse the crowd. The cop didn’t charge her with assault since it was an accident. Or maybe he didn’t like the prospect of having to explain to everybody how a ninety pound girl managed to punch him. Another nice aspect of the small town rumor mill is its primary function of dispersing entertaining stories (like the last one) to all members of the community.

The political activist visiting us is a member of The Free State Project. I also was a member of the FSP until the state vote chose New Hampshire about six years ago. The Project was a brilliant plan to move lots of libertarian activists to one small state and basically take over the political system. I have since evolved to Anarcho-capitalism from libertarianism and can see the flaw in their plan; voting is a use of force. The FSP members wish to force their beliefs upon those living there who may not share those beliefs. I do happen agree that their beliefs (dissolution of most government) are nobler; however, it still doesn’t justify the use of force. Their plan is no better than the plans of those they fight since they all use the method. Spooner said it best:

The principle that the majority have a right to rule the minority, practically resolves all government into a mere contest between two bodies of men, as to which of them shall be masters, and which of them slaves; a contest, that — however bloody — can, in the nature of things, never be finally closed, so long as man refuses to be a slave.

Putting aside the ethics of voting let’s take a comparative look at their results versus right here where I live.
I went back to 2000 instead of 2004 because of how difficult NH makes it to find results for anyone except the R’s or D’s. Anyone who wants to spend more time than the hour I spent can gather the data and post it as a comment. I also included Ron Paul.

New Hampshire 2000 Harry Browne 2757, 0.48%
Montana 2000 Harry Browne 1,718 or 0.4%

New Hampshire 2008 Bob Barr (Lib.) 2,173 .3%
New Hampshire 2008 Ron Paul 1,092 votes .15%
Total of “Freedom oriented” votes cast .45%

Montana 2008 Bob Barr 1,300 votes 0.3%
Montana 2008 Ron Paul 10,230 votes 2.2%
Total of “Freedom oriented” votes cast 2.5%

I did not save links on these, as I said it took forevar to find the ones for NH. If you think you have a reliable source that differs on the data feel free to post it as a comment.

As the data shows Montana has shown over a six fold increase in “pro-freedom” votes and New Hampshire has shown a .03 decrease in “pro-freedom” votes. If we leave Ron Paul out of the equation both states show decrease in “pro-freedom” votes but New Hampshire’s is almost 20% worse. If we leave Barr out of the equation New Hampshire show a 300% decrease in freedom votes, and Montana shows an almost six fold increase in freedom votes. I hate to say it (not really) but those of us who told them they would be out paced by Taxachusetts statists in NH appear correct.

Just to rub some salt in the wound I’ll post my own counties numbers; in 2000 Harry Browne received 0.88% of the vote and in 2008 Ron Paul received 4.60% and Bob Barr received 0.41%.


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  1. Rumors of our death are greatly exaggerated.

    Comparing votes for Ron Paul and Bob Barr between 2 states is pretty useless. Turning that into stats, doubly so.

    Anyone who googles even a few minutes would see how much FSPers in NH are getting done. The answer is quote a lot, with new things happening all the time.

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