Last summer we ended up with a windfall of lots of extra room that is dark, wet, and cold. So I’m going to add mushrooms to the milk, cheese, lettuce, radishes, potatoes, and onions I plan on marketing this summer/fall. I’m really enjoying the research, and think I’ll be growing Shiitake, Blue Oyster, Enokitakes, Chicken of the Woods and Phoenix Oysters.


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  1. I would say you could ask a fairly recent transplant for any advice on this, but I don’t think she likes her Quiet Mountain Town anymore.

  2. I got a pair of mushroom logs for shiitakes some years back, and was surprised to learn that they won’t grow if it’s too dark, too wet, and too cold. Unfortunately, when we tried to grow the logs, it sprouted mold first and sent my lungs into fits. 😦

    @ Pint: Snorgle!

  3. Oh, and what’s with this post rating thingus? Don’t you get enough of that kind of abuse at GYHD?

  4. No Sunni I like the abuse. πŸ˜‰

    Yea, I’m not sure how the shiitakes will do. I’m pretty sure I’ll be too cold, but it’s more recognizable and easier to market than most the others

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