One Week of Sobriety

Life is more boring sober is about the only difference I’ve noticed this time. All the people that I use to hangout with in the bar always had the better stories, adventures, problems. One more week and I can cash in the pile of drink chips I’ve accumulated.

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Two Weeks Vacation

Every now and then I take a break from drinking, this time I’ll be spending two weeks on the wagon, today is the fourth day, I haven’t really craved a beer except when Mike, Kel and I went to the bar.

In other news the chickens have started laying again finally, and I’ve been making egg noodles with the extra eggs. I’m also doing the research for growing our own mushrooms in the root cellar.

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House Finish Work / Done Kidding

I all but got done with the sheet rock in the house prior to the Last Log Party so I’ve moved on to finish work. We found a huge set of used cabinets at Restore in Missoula a little while back for $200. These are a darkish finish on Maple and when purchased new were top of the line, judging by the hardware and joinery. The lil’ lady wants to paint the kitchen cabs, and in fact the first set in the peninsula we bought new with a white primer finish. Unfortunately she has come to like the finish on these so I guess I’ll need to learn to do faux wood finish now. We got all the cabs in the pic, 3 other uppers for the kitchen (not in the picture but installed), a whole set of uppers for the utility/laundry room, and even had an extra upper I installed in the bath.



Before anyone asks the flag in the pics is the Bunker Hill Flag. I extended the ends of the Last Log in the railing an extra 4.5′ on either side to hang flags, garlands, hides, trophy heads, etc. The other side sports a Gadsden flag for now. The counter top (like the last one) is Gin-u-wine Colorado Pondarosa Pine (AKA Bull Pine here in MT) I and a friend milled these (and butt-loads more) from timber I bought from another friends dad. I did a hand-rubbed finish with Boiled Linseed oil (same as the other).

I finished all the shelving in the master closet this week and tomorrow we are going to finally get to the last boxes.



I think we are done with the unplanned kidding for this winter. We had 9 kids and didn’t lose a single one, even with the sub-zero temps right after they were born.



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Wolf, No Wolf

I’ve found a new author. His name is Peter Bowen, and is a Montana Native. I ran across one of his books at The Book Exchange in Missoula. Since it was The Zoo, one of the most liberal Montana towns, I was a little leery but after a quick skimming figured I would give it a try. It was nice to read a book where all the cops drink and drive, and own untaxed class 3 firearms like most of the rest of Montana. This is a fun book to read and is the most realistic voice of native Montanans on the wolf issue and government interference I’ve ever read.

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My New Favorite Quote

“How to Overthrow the System: brew your own beer; kick in your Tee Vee; build your own cabin and piss off the front porch whenever you bloody well feel like it.” Edward Abbey

This is a kind of funny story. I read Abbey years ago when I was shacked up with this little hippy chick. His book series starting with The Monkey Wrench Gang were funny and insightful (this is where I learned to make Thermite) , but I could never stomach the environmental aspect. I really liked Desert Solitaire but once again I didn’t consider him one of my favorite authors because of his radical environmental beliefs. This quote is funny because even though I’ve read all his works (I believe) and own many of them I never ran across this quote until I bought Voice crying in the Wilderness last week. To be more concise I didn’t read this until I had accomplished all of them.

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Busy time of the year comes early.

We got down to .3 degrees last night, yup one third of one degree. I blame my goats who have dropped 7 kids in the last week. Suppose to be below zero tonight. I filled all the goat houses with hay, made sure the right babies are with with the right mommas, partitioned two house to keep everything civil, and I will still worry, and be busy for days.

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Have Fun, Be Free

I used to get political burn out about once a year when I was a libertarian activist. It seemed to me my world was going to hell because as hard as I worked to end tyranny in the world it continued to accelerate towards an Orwellian state.

Laws were invented by man to protect individuals from harm. For a long, long time laws were only an enumeration of universally believed concepts such as killing, hurting or stealing from someone was wrong. Today in America there are literally millions of pages of laws. How did we get here? I think the following excerpt from Rand’s masterpiece Atlas Shrugged explains it best:

There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

If we accept this as the most plausible explanation for the plague of victimless crime laws we have now, it’s obvious that even those who make these laws don’t believe in them. This theory is supported by the regularly reported hypocrisy we see in the press, such as the politician who made a name for himself with his “family values” platform being caught having a homosexual extramarital affair.

Something changed in the way I perceived the world a few years ago. Unlike most of the major ideological shifts that have occurred in my life, I can’t pinpoint an exact event that caused this. I realized that if everyone who believed that a new law was wrong just ignored it there would be no way for it to be enforced. I knew that if I chose to not wear a seat belt, or raise goats in town, or shorten a rifle, or make corn liquor, or smoke an untaxed cigarette (or other plants for that matter) that no one would be harmed. If no one was hurt there was no crime. I knew this but I didn’t really believe it. I was angered and saddened because I knew I would obey those new laws even though they were nothing but victimless, malum prohibitum rubbish. It wasn’t the law or even the system I had problems with; it was my own cowardice. I didn’t have the strength of character to make a stand and knew I’d submit and that my submission would help give the new draconian laws validity.

I don’t think there is any quick or easy way to fix the harm done unto us by all the past generations, at least collectively. I do believe that we can all individually realize our own freedom by living the change we want to see. We need to have the conviction and the courage to make that stand, to honestly say “No, I don’t believe that this is wrong.” We need to live our lives however we choose and allow everyone else to do the same. Simply refusing to submit isn’t enough though; we need to believe strongly enough that it isn’t even a conscious process. We need not to waste one moment of our precious lives to the predators of liberty. Then we can effortlessly and truly have fun and be free.

Look What Santa Brought

One of these guys will lead a charmed life as our new billy, the other will be less fortunate and will go in the freezer. The short list of names is Feed and Seed or Heir and Spare.

Also in current news we hosted a combined New Years and Last Log party.I invited everyone up the mountain that helped me build the house, everyone but three people made it. The Boy and I could have hung this log on the railing last week but figured everyone earned a chance to help.


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