Happy Yule!

Woe though the world lies under a shroud of snow

Woe though the trees almost ring under a blanket of cold

Woe though the sun is like a scorned lover

Today all is born again

Hope Promise Life

For so long all has grown thin, but all that changes today

Not long now till the small burrowing animals come up to scent the air

Not long till the waters once again joyously jump over the stones in the creek

Not long till the buds burst forth from their long slumber

Not long till the buck once again chases the doe through the glade

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Not so vintage goodness, well maybe. Looking back it reminds me of my “duck and cover” childhood.


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A Few Questions

What is inherently wrong with this next sentence I found at this major mainstream media outlet?

Two civilians thwarted an attempted terrorist attack Tuesday when a vehicle loaded with explosives attempted to crash through the front gate of a U.S. base in the Afghan capital, according to the U.S. military.

I doubt one in a thousand Americans could spot the flaw. We have been so conditioned to think the way we are told that hardly anyone really thinks anymore.

What does the following military order authorize?

“You are accordingly authorized to employ your forces without restriction…. [operations] should now be focused on the morale of the enemy civil population population….”

For those who still can’t see the flaw, look at the following definitions:

a surprise attack involving the deliberate use of violence against civilians in the hope of attaining political or religious aims

Military operations between enemies

Each of the first two quotes fits one (and only one) of the two definitions.

The military order was issued by Air Vice Marshal Sir Norman Botterly in 1942 and led to the Fire Bombing of Dresden Germany by the USAF and the RAF. The bastards chose to call it “Morale Bombing” but it was nothing less than a terrorist attack, which is what the first definition is.

The CNN reporter chose to label the events he reported as a “terrorist attack” but they clearly fit the second definition of warfare.

Who are the terrorists?


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Butchering and Preserving

We started cutting meat yesterday and got one hind quarter cut and canned up. Here are the results; 17 quarts of Condensed Elk Stew, 11 quarts of trimmings canned up for dog food, and 16 pints of Sweet Italian Sausage Meatballs.


The wood stove got put through its paces too.

We finished cutting the other hind quarter today and will can it up as Chili and Swiss Steak tomorrow.

In other Gulch news it’s suppose to be cold tonight, the forecast is for 5 below. Just a little while ago it was 23 degree in The Gulch and the town thermometer was registering 5 above.

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