Spicy Italian Sausage

Spicy Italian sausage, from hoof to pantry:

Start with one whole wether, we used this one’s half brother who was 9 months old.

Reduce to smaller pieces:


You are done and ready to cook when it resembles this:


Mix with ground pork trimmings, salt, sugar, water, fennel, caraway, and coriander. Form into balls and fry until nice and brown:


If you have 40 Italian relatives near you are all done except the pasta at this point. If you live in the city you can now package and freeze them. If you however live in the middle of no-where, where you make all your own electricity this is your next step:


The total yield was 20 pints of 6-8, 2″ spicy Italian sausage meatballs in broth, 5 quarts of trim scraps for dog food, and 8 long bones for doggy treats.


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