Fr33 Agent

A while ago I was a member of an anarchist social networking site called Bureaucrash. This site was composed of mostly anarcho-capitalist members with enough anarcho-socialists to verbally abuse to keep it interesting. The site helped facilitate a lot of political activism (mostly back East) and it appeared to be really making some difference. Somewhere along the way news got out, and us anarchists were out numbered by Republicans and other statists. Well I stopped going and didn’t really think about it again until the Motorhome diaries boys stopped by to visit us here in P-Burg. One of them was the past Crasher-in-Chief (that I had worked with in the past) and it was from them I first heard about Fr33 Agents, and was urged to join. Well I’ve been busy, etc. but have finally joined. I haven’t done anything except sort of set up my page but will be doing more over there as time this winter permits.

Visit FR33 Agents


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