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Some really funny Vintage Goodness

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Huntin’ season

Season opened a couple of days ago but what with vehicle maintenance and hurting my back, today was the first day we went out. I was laying awake in bed at dark thirty when my buddy D texts me that he’s sitting in his truck waiting for first light about a mile from my place. I look out the window and there has been a skiff of snow overnight….alright I’m talked into it at this point and go down and wake up The Boy. I send him up to the prime standing location, and I start out on the 3 mile loop to drive ’em to him. After three hours I’ve looped back to when he was supposed to be but he’s gone. This isn’t a big surprise I had only told him to stay there at least an hour. I didn’t manage to jump anything except a handful of squirrels and a couple of red-headed woodpeckers. When I got back to the house The Boy told me he spotted 3 deer just 15 from the house and another 3 about five minutes after that, but there weren’t any bucks that he could see. It’s been snowing ever since I got back, there should be some really good hunting when this breaks. Hopefully this will also drive the elk down.

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New catagory

Vintage goodness.

One of the places I go has all kinds of good old stuff that I’m going to start sharing.


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Things I’ve Missed Sharing Lately

We got our first snow this year.


I’ve been keeping the pressure caner busy. (pickled beets/onions/turnips, apples, and chicken noodle soup less the noodles)


I’ve been baking once a week and I’m probably going to need to make it twice. Four loaves just aren’t lasting.

We’ve been putting up next years wood.

I got 15 laying hens, a waterer, a feeder and 75# of feed for free yesterday. The gal offered me a big roll of chicken wire on the phone and I forgot to get it, I guess I’m going back.

The boy and I harvested the carrots today, and turned the peas and carrots bed. The god damned gopher (GDG) managed to get about 7/8 of what had left. Today I also decided all gophers within 1 mile of the gardens will die come spring.

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