One Step Closer

Back in ’99 when the lil’ lady and I bought our first house I bought an old military dodge and mounted a large Meyer’s plow on it to keep our short (compared to now) driveway open in the winter. I moved the whole rig up here and used it the first couple of winters when we were renting the place in town. A couple of years ago a guy was selling a 50’s model John Deere tractor with a loader and I traded him the ol’ dodge (without the plow) for the tractor and an International 4×4 with a huge PTO winch……That winch at idle ripped the front bumper right off The Dodge when it got stuck one winter………. I reasoned I’d use the tractor and the winch rig more. It didn’t really work out that way, but it’s looking like The Boy will be getting “Elmer” (the International) and I will get the Deere into service next year.

Last year my father-in-law gave me “The Kaiser” a ’71 CJ5 with a Western plow already mounted. I was so pressed for time last year I couldn’t get the Meyer mounted on anything and with my fingers crossed resigned myself to keeping my road open with The Kaiser. He did really well even though that road really needs a rig that weighs more than 3000#. Mind you last winter was pretty mild, we never had more than three feet of snow on the roof at anytime, as compared to six feet on the ground the year before. But anyways today I mounted the big plow on the one ton Dodge. I spent yesterday doing my Annual Fall Plow Truck Maintenance Repairs on it, which included replacing the other axle lift block among the usual fluid changes and checks.

I don’t think I ever shared the corporate stupidity I ran across this summer with the Dodge, so here it is. Think about a super heavy duty truck with the most powerful (at the time) diesel engine available, the strongest (at the time) one ton axle available, same with springs and add air bags that have allowed me to pull loads that will make a “Super-Duty” squat like a 1/2 ton. Trust me I saw this this summer after I blew out the rear drive shaft. Anywho, those idiots replaced the almost solid cast iron axle spacer blocks with hollow aluminum blocks. Mind you people who don’t abuse……I mean haul as much as me up roads that are represented by two dashed lines on maps would probably never know. As for myself, I had one crumble and fall out this spring, and the one I replaced yesterday had chunks missing from the sides.

Enough for today.

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  1. Well of course. I mean hollow aluminum is so much stronger than solid cast iron, right? Oh wait…

    The sad thing is that I suspect any of the “big 3” would do the same to save a buck.

  2. What? No fo-to-graffee goodness?

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