Monster Power / New Neighbor

We got a new Gulch neighbor (one of ’em pesky anarchists), and installed enough solar panels (with help from the new neighbor) to run the whole house. The first four from the left are mine, the other eight are his, which I was able to find a secure place to store them for him.



Speaking of solar we are picking up huge amounts of passive solar heat now that it is fall. This is what was planned except we are still getting daily highs near 90 degrees. Thanks god we have so much mass that the lows in the forties equal it out.

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  1. Whats gonna happen when the nights all turn to below freezing, as (most of the days) and there’s not much winter “sun”? Oh, silly me. Wood?

  2. We still pick up 10-20 degrees passive in the winter. Wood does make up the balance.

  3. The house was quite, quite toasty last winter with just one or two of the little wood stoves going.

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