Harvest time.

We had an early VERY light frost about four days ago. Everything made it through except for the potatoes, so we harvested them today. Next year we will be planting our spuds on May 1 instead of June 1 we ended up with only 6X our seed because most hadn’t gotten bigger than 1.5″.


We have been trying to run a full load through the pressure canner every week. Last week we did 31 pints of BBQ pork, pork broth, and hot dogs.


We have a raincheck for 60# of chicken that was on sale for .80/# this week that we are picking up tomorrow. This I will be canning as chicken and noodle and chicken and rice soup. I expect to get 74 pints of soup.

The Boy and I have been working on our root-cellar for over a month now. We have hand dug at least 30 YD3, but it’s almost done and right in time to start taking in our root crops.


This is what it looked like before we drained it.

Here are some pics from our summer party we had a few weeks ago.




This is why it is so unwise to fall asleep before 9PM at a party:


One last thing. We have lots of wonderful Morel mushrooms up here, but the Giant Puffballs that were fairly common where we use to live are much more rare. Lucky we have friends who know we like them and share.


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