On the Brighter Side

My last post here was a little gloomy and I will be trying to get away from that, but thought I’d share what I discovered upon further reflection of that post. My town is small enough I know these people who want to violate my Rights . I know where they work, play, sleep, what kind of pets they have, who they are having affairs with, what they drink, etc…. When you can no longer use the shroud of anonymity to believe these individuals are faceless animals a whole new reality opens up.

But on the brighter side, there is a local couple here who are interested in buying property adjacent to The Gulch. This is a piece that I would like to have owned by like-minded individuals, and they seem to at least mostly fit that description. They are self described libertarians, who have a flock of chickens and I know he likes to shoot. Along this same thread of thought, a friend from the NW (who I know fits) is showing up this week to make an offer on another piece adjacent to The Gulch. Oh, and a couple of pieces not in the “greater gulch” area, but just over the hill sold this month. I’ve worked with the guy who bought one of them, I don’t think he’s any more libertarian than most here (which is still better than damn near everywhere else) but he’s already asking about buying goats and chickens and wants to homestead. I haven’t had neighbors in a long time, I just hope they all turn out more like my best friend P who I met as a next door neighbor, and not at all like that prick neighbor from Chicago we once had.

Just ran across this excellent quote about Nock’s priceless essay Our Enemy the State, and felt it really relates to my recent posts.

This very great book reminds us that the State is at once a myth and a terrible reality. It is a myth in the sense that it has no validity outside the twisted, crooked mentalities of totalitarians. It is also a reality in the sense that, whenever it is allowed to usurp the throne of Government, it not only commandeers the power that corrupts but, in order to give finality to its ascendancy, it must acquire for itself, and for itself alone, the absolute power that corrupts absolutely.

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  1. I hope that you realize that your Gulch is not that untouchable from the laws of the “state” called Pburg. When I first moved to Missoula, I asked a local where she lived. She told me Lolo,…”which used to be about 20 miles from Missoula. Now it’s more like seven.” That was 10 years ago. Now, it’s even more closer. Pburg has several tailor made rules that can be enforced 3 and up to 5 miles outside of it’s corporate boundaries. It can also pull off the annexation BS to increase it’s tax base just like Missoula does.

    Your new found freedom and liberty won’t last if you do nothing to preserve it. The place you moved to will eventually become just as bad as the place you left.

    • If they did try to annex it would they have to provide “services” like water/sewer?

      • Sure and you’d be handed the bill for the the connection to the town sewer and water “service”.

      • Oh, I forgot. You may be able to ask for a varience or to be “grandfathered”.

  2. You can at least control to a small extent those whom can become your neighbors. Some still want to enforce their own personal view of the way they want things to be done. We both know some of those who must control things around them. I hope the friends you have there can remember that they must also give everyone else the room they need to live.

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