Where the Mind Goes

……..the emotions follow. At least, I would guess for INTJs like myself. I can’t remember the exact point when I stopped being a libertarian and became an anarchist. I do remember when I quit being a (big L) Libertarian and became a libertarian, it was when the party endorsed a state level politician (and I forget the ass-wipe’s name) who had a bad gun rights record. But, as for the time between that and now there are no mile markers I can readily pick out. During this time my beliefs have changed a lot. Most easily the largest change is that I no longer believe there is any way to salvage the system by working within the system. This was a huge disillusionment for myself. I was a lot like the day I had to take my poor sick dog out and shoot it. Now I’m not stupid enough to think that the very few people who think like I do would have any chance for forcing change on the system. Not that that would even be an option, since it’s is direct opposition to my beliefs. So what I’m left with is my little island I call Goat’s Gulch where anarchy thrives even if we do still have to deal with the system on things like property taxes. I used island because not only is it the only area near here where anarchy exists but more and more it is the only place where I feel as if I can truly, honestly exist. It seems as if society has given up on rationality, but I know really what has happen is that I’ve given up on society. I once believed that all these authoritarians who I’m surrounded by were just mistaken because they didn’t understand what they were doing. But, as the years roll by I’m more and more convinced that these people are consciously, knowingly trying to limit others rights and freedoms. Like petty high school clicks, or rats wantonly hurting other rats, or maybe more generously like crabs pulling another crab down who is trying to escape the crab pot.

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  1. I skipped the “Big L” thing, but otherwise I fit the same pattern.

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