I’ve been busy lately, hence the lack of posts for awhile. Since we will have a bumper crop of root crops; carrots, beets, potatoes, turnips, onions, garlic and swedes. The boy and I have been digging our root cellar with shovels the last couple of weeks. Thirty (15 each) wheelbarrows at 7 ft2 a day is really sapping my extra energy, but on the plus side (besides not having our crops rot this winter) hunting season will be a breeze and I can show off upper body this summer. On that topic the Lil’ lady told me I need to start digging with my shirt off so I don’t blind everybody when I show off my most impressive pecks since military school.

Dang, I didn’t include any political perspective.

Here’s a thought for today. A prefect example of government “charity”, this on edates all the way back to ‘nam.

“Come on out, everybody. We got rice and candy and toothbrushes to give you.”

Silence. Not a shadow moved.

“Now listen, either you gooks come on out from wherever you are, or we’re going to come right in there and get you!”

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  1. I’ve gone from walking everywhere to riding a hand me down bike. I’ve noticed a big difference and so has my lady. You keep doing things step by step and are accomplishing great things. A root celler and better health…a win-win situation.

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