Me time

I’ve been feeling the call lately, and the 4-wheeler rides haven’t been cutting it. So, today I set out to see some new country.

I had a great cover story. I’ve got a good friend who’s coming for hunting season and remembers the montanaiceweasel who always got his animal(s). If he’s shelling out for out-of-state tags, I better get a better feel for elk traffic patterns around The Gulch.

I hiked 4 miles all around The Gulch today. Poking and peeking into those places I’d missed the last 4 years. I found one new stander location and have several new driver routes ready to try out, not to mention the good “me time” I logged.

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  1. I’m pondering heading out your way this autumn, probably in October (part of a larger drive to the left coast on US 2, with a few detours). Wondering if there might be time for some recreational shooting, or whether it’ll be the “quiet time” around the gulch so’s not to scare the critters.

  2. There’s always other areas to shoot in Big Sky Country. PM or email me.

  3. OK. Probably be a month or so before I nail down the details.

  4. Just taking Me Time to explore the ‘zoo while my Lady is away. That and increase the plans for informing her the way to find truth for herself.

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