I’ve been busy lately, hence the lack of posts for awhile. Since we will have a bumper crop of root crops; carrots, beets, potatoes, turnips, onions, garlic and swedes. The boy and I have been digging our root cellar with shovels the last couple of weeks. Thirty (15 each) wheelbarrows at 7 ft2 a day is really sapping my extra energy, but on the plus side (besides not having our crops rot this winter) hunting season will be a breeze and I can show off upper body this summer. On that topic the Lil’ lady told me I need to start digging with my shirt off so I don’t blind everybody when I show off my most impressive pecks since military school.

Dang, I didn’t include any political perspective.

Here’s a thought for today. A prefect example of government “charity”, this on edates all the way back to ‘nam.

“Come on out, everybody. We got rice and candy and toothbrushes to give you.”

Silence. Not a shadow moved.

“Now listen, either you gooks come on out from wherever you are, or we’re going to come right in there and get you!”

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Me time

I’ve been feeling the call lately, and the 4-wheeler rides haven’t been cutting it. So, today I set out to see some new country.

I had a great cover story. I’ve got a good friend who’s coming for hunting season and remembers the montanaiceweasel who always got his animal(s). If he’s shelling out for out-of-state tags, I better get a better feel for elk traffic patterns around The Gulch.

I hiked 4 miles all around The Gulch today. Poking and peeking into those places I’d missed the last 4 years. I found one new stander location and have several new driver routes ready to try out, not to mention the good “me time” I logged.

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End of the Trail

What do you do when you reach the end of the trail

When all that’s left is picking up the empty beer bottles of your dream

Times like these Ol’ Man Wanderlust plies his trade

Just ride off like Abbey’s Brave Cowboy he says

Make the sweet simplicity of Walden

I know just the place

This time it will work

I’m not sure I’m strong enough anymore I tell him

Those are young men’s dreams

The Siren Solitude calls

I don’t want you forever she says

Just let me help you find a new dream

I won’t wreck you on the rocks

Didn’t I return you from the mountains all those times

We danced in the falling quaky leaves

In the warmth of the setting sun while your head was on my lap

I told you stories of tomorrow

We can do it again

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Happy Fourth Everyone

I’m feeling glad I don’t live in some third world shit hole theocracy today and there are still some rights which haven’t been violated here. However, every year on The Fourth I have this thought that I thought I’d share. Why are we celebrating a date that symbolizes nothing more than a day a couple of hundred years ago that a bunch of politicians and statesmen agreed enough was enough? Would these men have had the courage to do this if not for the REAL HEROES who had actually put their own asses in the line of fire with guns, not pens in a nice safe pub, over a year before?

The real birth of our independence was on April Nineteenth 1775, in Lexington and Concord. Just something for everyone to think about placing credit where it’s due.

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So, it stopped raining about five days ago, and I was able to shift into my summer “must do” list. I’ve got 5/8 of the roof decking done. If only the weather will hold through the fourth or fifth the roving leaks when it rains will be a thing of the past. If however, it starts raining the day after tomorrow we are screwed. The flat stock on top of the insulation will funnel ALL the run-off into the roof cavity and life will be miserable. The four or five 1.5″ vent holes per cavity will probably not be able to keep up and we will end up with gallons and gallons in the house. Here are some pics:





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