The Coming Collapse

Speaking of Atlas Shrugged, I just got done reading an excellent essay titled Question authority.

I laughed when the author was speaking about us people in the “fly-over country” needing to bond together to pull something from the ashes. Shit, we’ve been doing this for years. Some of us left good jobs, businesses and areas our families had lived in for generations because of the enc(ock)roachment of bureaucracy, government domination and the minions who serve it.

I really liked this paragraph:

This is the chance we have. A dozen, fifty or hundreds of resistance and secessionist entities are going to move into the vacuum left by the great sucking abyss of the FEDGOD collapse. Hundreds of laboratories will emerge to test every variant of political collective and ordered enterprise imaginable. I have little hope for the subjects and somnambulant mental zombies that stumble around the cities of the Left Coast and the Northeast (Vermont and New Hampshire excepted) will do anymore other than instantly resurrect facsimiles of DC patterns of rule and other processes of national socialism but between the Marxist coastlines; the life and times of ordinary Americans will take extraordinary turns to develop from scratch freedom-oriented communities and spasms of spontaneous order. People may finally awaken and look at their neighbors and try to do the right thing. They may seek a system that asks, persuades and cooperates instead of bullies, collectivizes and forces through violent means the shape and texture of human relationships. They will be the vanguard of the men and women who finally awaken from the five millennia fever-dream of enabling various strangers the power of life and death over thousands and millions simply because they have surrendered the most basic right of all; leave us the hell alone.

I heartily endorse this essay and would like to think there are more people like me who will nod, and perchance utter a “fuck yea” while reading it, but I’m guessing even of the limited people who read my blog some have already stopped reading this. But, for those who are still here I’m going to steal that author’s closing line.

If you are still reading this, you are the Resistance.

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  1. And here I thought I was the revolution, which would explain why I’m so dizzy.

  2. You listening to that Turn, Turn, Turn song and mistaking it for the Beetles?

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